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  • November 13STUCO has announced another spirit week for the 5 days before Thanksgiving
  • November 13The Winthrop School Committee is in the process of voting on a date to have students begin a hybrid learning model
  • November 13Governor Baker has changed the COVID-19 metrics, bumping Winthrop into the "yellow" despite a rise in cases
Yale Medicine on why wearing masks actually do help.

Additional information on Hybrid learning

Mira Ivanis, Contributor/Editor
December 1, 2020
Kamala Harris' Victory Speech

Kamala Harris: Her Story

Mira Ivanis, Contributor/Editor
November 18, 2020
Photo Courtesy of OPB

NASA discovers water on the moon

Mira Ivanis, Contributor/Editor
November 9, 2020
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