WHS Sports – Winter Season with Covid-19

WHS Sports - Winter Season with Covid-19

Karina Silva, Editor/Staff Writer

Winter sports season is coming to Winthrop Sr. High School on December 14th. Regulations have been altered to adapt to the changes and setbacks that the COVID-19 virus has brought upon the school. 

This season of Winthrop Sr. High School athletics will consist of…

  • Boys Hockey 
  • Girls Hockey
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Gymnastics 
  • Swimming (depending on Lynn English participation in Winter Sports) 

Most athletics have already been advised on registering for this season. Principal Crombie has sent an email to all Winthrop Sr. High School families with links that navigate to registration and fee payments. 

In an interview with the Winthrop Sr. High School Athletics Director, Mr. Serino, some information on how this season will contrast to past seasons has been brought to light. 

  • There will be no request to be tested for Covid-19. However, there will be a system of checklists where athletes will have to check off any symptoms that they might have before any games and practices.  


  • There will be games outside of Winthrop. That is one of the reasons why athletics will have to conduct a symptoms checklist every week. 


  • There will be only a limited number of people allowed (in terms of players and fans), thus meaning that there will be tryouts. 


  • Masks must be worn at all times. There will be water and mask breaks, though. 


  • The season will last from December 14th up until the first Sunday of February (estimation). During this time interval, there will be an estimated range of 11-14 games. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Serino: [email protected]