Photography Showcase


Emma Davis Foley, Reporter, Editor

This year Mr. Donnelly’s photography class has been working hard to produce beautifully thought out pictures that represent a theme for an in-class photo contest. Here is a showcase of five of the top photos taken this school year, hand picked by Mr. Donnelly himself.

This photo was taken for the “Fall Photo Contest” by Ronald Mesa. The aim of this contest was to encapsulate New England’s beauty during the fall. We all know that New England is the best place to enjoy autumn’s colors and ambience, and Ronald fully captured that in his picture of New Hampshire and its colorful trees. The crisp and vibrant colors of the trees, with a stroke of fog through the sky, entirely represent the gorgeous nature of fall in its whole.


Olexis Tallent, fellow Viking Times newspaper reporter and writer, took this stunning photo. This photo was for the “Elements of Art” photo contest in class. Mr. Donnelly says that this photo, “displays a massive range of values running from dark to light,” and I would have to agree. The simplicity of the lamppost, framed by the cooling colors of the sky and sun, truly makes this a mesmerizing photo.


This next photo was shot for the “Freezing Motion” photo contest by Dillion Riley. I could see this picture hanging on any Winthropian’s wall, as it cleverly gives off a beachy feel while not even showing the ocean or sand. The bird preserved in flight and clouds that are so beautiful they look painted into the photo shows that this photo truly represents “Freezing Motion.” Mr. Donnelly added that, “the image of a bird flying through the sky beautifully perfectly displays his ability to use a fast shutter speed to capture the flying movements of the majestic seabird.”


Nick Shea took this photo over the summer, as part of the “Summer Photo Series.” If you are from Winthrop, you can pinpoint this location right away. The neon lights with the red car give a sense of nostalgia to this summer picture. Additionally, clashes of the retro car and the bright present-day gas station give a sense of life and motion to this photo.
















































This last photo, also shot by Nick Shea, was for the “Black & White” photo contest. Mr. Donnelly says that Nick, “was able to capture an expanse of tonal range within his image. The variety of shapes, values and textures create an amazing photo.” I personally like that not only the picture was black and white, giving the shot intensity, but also the use of cropping. The photo was cropped semi horizontal, mimicking the climb of the spiral staircase, making this an elegant yet strong photo.




















These five photographers are just a few of the talented students in Winthrop High School’s photography class this year. These photos encapsulated the theme and essence needed to represent these contests, and to represent the photographers that took them. So far this year produced some beautiful and amazing photos.