Basketball is back and ready to go


Image provided by Julia Marcoccio

Emma Davis Foley, Reporter

Sports are back at Winthrop High School, and the students and staff are more than ready to get back with their teams. Basketball, one of Winthrop’s favorite sports, has been back for a few weeks. I have caught up with a couple of the players and the coaches for the boys and girls basketball teams to see how they are feeling about this upcoming season. 

Mr. Lowe, girls basketball coach here at WHS, is tremendously excited for the current season with the captains Grace Galuris, Maura Dorr, and Caroline Earl. 

“I have been so happy to see 25 girls in the gym working hard while being excited to participate in athletics again,” Lowe states, “Mr. Serino has done a great job of ensuring that we have the proper ppe and that strict guidelines are followed. Although it’s a change and taking some getting used to, it’s worth it to keep the girls safe. With the protocols in place I hope we get to ensure our seniors Maura, Jenna, Lily, Polina, Caroline and Grace get the senior season they deserve.”

COVID has definitely put a hindrance on how the game is played, but the team members are more than willing to follow them in order to play the sport they love.

Senior and girls basketball captain, Grace Galuris, has proved this statement when I asked for her thoughts about this season, 

“Because of the crazy circumstances this year, I am so grateful to be able to play basketball with my team,” she says, “I hope that we are able to carry a positive mindset and win the NEC this year in place of having no playoffs. I’m looking forward to a fun season with some of the best teammates!”

Julia Marcoccio, a junior on the girls basketball team, is supportive of her senior teammates when she says, 

“I’m excited that the seniors are going to be able to return and have their last season. I’m really fortunate that this isn’t my last year and we are able to pick things up where we left off. Im looking forward to improving myself as a player and getting ready for the upcoming season.”

On the boys basketball team coach Mike Traint is hopeful for this season with captains Cam Conway and Chris Cappuccio. He is new to the job and this year did not follow the path normally imagined. 

“We obviously were not able to spend time together or get guys together in the offseason to work out and develop a rapport with one another. All that being said, we are focused on staying safe and having a great season!” says Traint. He is nothing if not optimistic and positive about the present season, which is the best approach to life in the current situation we are all in. 

Traint further explains that, “The coaches and players are thrilled to be together and to be making the commitment that we are to one another. That is really what it is all about. It is about the guys in the gym and what we all want to put into the season and into the development of the program. I know the staff we have is committed and I think we have a great group of young men that understand the commitment. Moving forward that commitment to one another will be a tremendous asset toward accomplishing our goals. We will all be committed to one another and to the improvement of Winthrop Basketball. I’ve been telling the team that the work you put in now will be seen years down the road and you will know that you helped re-establish Winthrop Basketball where it needs to be.”

Best of luck to both basketball teams as they continue their season!