Update on the 2021 Premier League Season


Photo courtesy of dezeen.com

Natalia Kirilova, Reporter

As the Premier League season in the New Year has been long underway, there have been surprising and jump-out-of-your-seat worthy moments and matches. Here are a few:

  • Manchester United vs Southampton – February 2nd

This match was set to be an important game for both teams, as Manchester United was (and still is) near the top of the table and Southampton was not far from it. However, an early red card in the second minute from Alex Jankewitz resulted in Southampton being down to ten men on the pitch. The defense held off Manchester United’s attacks well up until the 18th minute, when Aaron Wan-Bissaka opened up the tally for Man Utd. This quickly led to several more goals from United, up four at the half. In the 86th minute, Jan Bednarek was given a controversial red card on top of a penalty, and Southampton lost another body on the field. Shortly after Bednarek’s departure, Manchester United was able to get two more behind the net, securing the final score to be 9-0 in United’s favor.


  • Sheffield United vs Chelsea – February 7th

Another surprise thus far was the result of this Sheffield United vs Chelsea match. Sheffield United is currently at the bottom of the table in relegation zone, at rank 20. Chelsea has been drifting in and out of the top 5, so this match was another one that was expected to have a clear-cut result in favor in Chelsea. However, Sheffield United managed to keep the game at only a difference of one goal. Both teams were pretty even in terms of shots and shots on target, however, Chelsea’s percentage of possession at 69% was just able to secure the win, in a much closer match than anticipated.


  • Liverpool vs Manchester City – February 7th

This highly anticipated match-up between Liverpool and Manchester City gave many a surprise at the result. Liverpool and City are top of the table teams, and a very close result was expected. The teams ended at the top two last season, with Liverpool coming in at first place. At the half, City was up a goal, however, it was still anyone’s game with a pretty even possession. Mohamed Salah tied it up at the 63rd minute for Liverpool, but there was still time to win. And Man City did just that, scoring three goals in ten minutes to secure the win. Liverpool’s defense allowed some costly mistakes, and City took every advantage. The game ended in a 4-1 win for Manchester City. This match added another loss to Liverpool’s losing streak, which has continued again after their loss against Leicester City on the 13th.


  • Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion – February 14th

This game was another surprise, ending in a draw. Manchester United is a top table team, and West Bromwich Albion is at the bottom of the table, in the relegation zone. Manchester United was expected to surely beat West Brom, however the game ended in a draw. Mbaye Diagne scored an amazing header in the second minute of the game, giving West Brom the lead for the majority of the half. However, just before halftime, Bruno Fernandes scored a beauty of a volley in the 44th minute, and these were the only two goals of the game. This match was marked by two brilliant goals, from each team, and even with only 26% possession, West Brom still was able to keep United out, and the teams tied and each took the point.


  • Fulham vs Everton – February 14th

Yet another match in the month of February ended with a surprise: a two nothing win for Fulham against Everton. Everton is a team vying for a spot in the top four, and Fulham is at the bottom of the table, and in the relegation zone. Josh Maja had a great game, scoring a brace for Fulham and defeating Everton. Fulham kept control of possession, and despite being at the bottom of the table, managed to outplay Everton in Matchweek 24.