New Saigon Restaurant Food Review


Photo courtesy of Yelp

Natalia Kirilova, Reporter

If you are ever on the lookout for a new restaurant, then try the New Saigon Restaurant on Bennington Street! They offer a wide range of delicious Vietnamese food at a great price, and are located in East Boston, just outside of Winthrop.


One of my favorite things to order is their banh mi sandwiches. They are perfectly crispy, yet soft, and are a delicious choice for a light, but filling meal. They can be spicy or mild, but either way, give tons of flavor with each bite. The beef inside is tender, and the cucumbers add just enough crunch to contrast elegantly together. Warning, you probably will crave a banh mi for weeks after!


“When I go to the New Saigon Restaurant, I always get the banh mi sandwich. It is a perfect blend of vegetables, beef, and the savory sauce, which is my favorite part,” says WHS senior Emma Foley. “I would definitely recommend going if you haven’t’ been yet!”


The service is great. Whether I eat at the restaurant or order take out, the food is always prepared quicker than expected, yet still remains high quality. Currently, dine-in is available, with limited seating, and masks are required. They do offer take-out and delivery as well.


“The staff are really nice and there’s something for everyone there which makes going with a group of people easy,” says WHS senior Erin McDuffee. She adds, “Also, the food is fresh and tasty.”


The restaurant itself has a very pleasant atmosphere, and the yellow walls and warm lighting give a cozy and home-like environment.


Another tasty dish to try is their beef noodle soup. The spices in the broth give a really lovely flavor, unique to their South East Asian roots. They call it their “World famous Beef Noodle Soup,” which is fitting because the flavors are homey and savory, and the soup is the perfect comfort food. I also love their Pho Ga (noodle soup with chicken) and their Pho Ga Nuong (noodle soup with grilled chicken), which are soups that you’ll never want to stop eating.


The restaurant says, “we are proud to present Vietnamese outstanding dishes, served authentically with the highest quality.”


The overall combination of quick service, delicious food, and friendly staff makes the New Saigon Restaurant one of the best in East Boston, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something new!