The New Teachers of Winthrop High School


Image Source: Mill Valley News

Ava Abbott, Writer

This year at Winthrop High School, lots of new teachers and staff were hired. I decided to speak to two of those new teachers, Mr. Garrity and Ms. Mckinnon and see how their new experience at WHS is going so far. 


I first talked to Mr. Garrity. He is one of the new Algebra/Geometry teachers at WHS. 


  • How has your experience been at WHS so far? 

G: Amazing. 

  • How is Winthrop High School different from any other place you have worked at?

G: The kids are terrific here. Very enthusiastic.

  • What is your favorite part about teaching math at Winthrop High School?

G: The kids at Winthrop High School. 


After this, I moved on to interviewing Ms. Mckinnon next. She is one of the new History teachers here at Winthrop High School, and I was excited to meet and talk to her. 


  • How has your experience been at WHS so far? 

M: I love it so far. So I actually came from Haverhill High School which is a huge school of about, Id say 5 times the size of Winthrop-

A: Oh wow. 

M: And it’s nice that everytime I’m in the hallway I know a face. I couldn’t say the same for Haverhill. So it’s nice to see familiar faces in the hallway and I like that it’s a tight knit community. 

  • What is your favorite part about teaching History at WHS? 

M: My favorite part about teaching history just in general is I like students making connections and I try to make it fun. I’m not a traditional teacher with like tests and stuff. I like to do projects, and things like that. And so far my favorite thing I’ve done is in my US 1 classes, we broke up the American Revolution and the events leading up to it and we broke it up into five parts and they all created a theme and created a play together and performed it for each other. 


I genuinely loved talking and learning more about some of the new staff here. I look forward to interviewing and talking to more teachers in the future.