Meet Ms. Driscoll


Kaelyn Foley, Editor

I caught up with one of Winthrop High School’s new teachers, English teacher Ms. Driscoll, and asked her some questions for everyone to get to know her better.


How has your experience been at WHS so far?

    D: It’s great! Everyone’s so nice and friendly. I loved meeting all the students and all the other teachers and everyone that I’m working with.

How is Winthrop high school different from any other place or school that you have worked at?

     D: Here I can have more fun, which is great for ELA. 

What’s your favorite part about teaching English at Winthrop high school?

     D: Just meeting all the students and getting to know you guys, I feel like we have had a lot of fun do now’s and free writes.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of school?

     D: I like going to the movies, hanging out with my brother, and going on walks!

What are some of your favorite places that you have visited?

    D: Hawaii is incredible, I want to go back. Iceland was also really cool. I went when I was in ninth grade and they have great culture. 


I had a great time talking with Ms. Driscoll and getting to know more about her. Don’t be afraid to stop in an say hi!