A Comprehensive Ranking of Halloween Candy


Photo Source: TMLJ.com

Ariana Bruno, Writer

It’s that time of year again where candy becomes a controversial topic amongst people. We tend to argue about what kind of chocolate tastes better, or what sweet candy has the best flavor. Everyone has one favorite piece of candy they’re looking forward to eating this October, but now I’m here to settle this debate about what candy is truly the best.


Twix is a classic chocolate caramel bar that is one of the best pieces of candy out there. You really can’t go wrong with these, especially if you love caramel or the cookie bit. It’s a perfect mix of soft and crunchy. Plus, if you’re a lefty like me, you’ll prefer the left Twix over the right.

2. Peanut M&M’s

Again, this is another classic. Sorry, but if you’re allergic to any type of nuts, you are seriously missing out. Peanut M&M’s are a lot better than regular old M&M’s, along with the pretzel and minis. 

3. Sour Patch Kids

The original Sour Patch Kids are a million times better than the watermelon ones, plus who doesn’t like sour candy? Each color has a different flavor and a different level of sourness. However, I hope we can all agree that orange is one of the worst flavors. 

4. Reese’s Cups

If you’re allergic to peanut butter… you’re just missing out. Who doesn’t like both chocolate and peanut butter? It’s a perfect combination that’s mouth-watering. While Reese’s are one of my favorite candies, I wish I could’ve ranked it higher but when it melts, what’s the point of eating it? It’s just one big mess and ruins it. Nonetheless, it’s still a favorite of mine.  

5. Sweet Tarts 

Growing up, I rarely got these in my candy bucket. On Halloween, Sweet Tarts were always so hard to come across, so when I got them, it was a treat. Literally. Again, you can’t go wrong with these. If you enjoy sweet hard candies, these will surely be the perfect fit for you.

6. Fruit Runts

Just like Sweet Tarts, I barely got Fruit Runts in my candy bucket. These are other types of hard candy I enjoy. Plus, the banana flavor doesn’t taste nauseating! You really can’t go wrong with these either. 

7. Dots

This is a controversial take on candy, but I’ll admit; I enjoy eating “grandma candy” even though I know nobody who enjoys these. They’re just fruity gummies that don’t get stuck to your teeth like Milk Duds and Twizzlers. So, if you get any of these on Halloween, feel free to share them with me. 

8. 3 Musketeers

I love chocolate candy a lot, especially 3 Musketeers. However, these are so low on my list because they get gross after a while. The fluffy whipped mousse flavoring starts to gross me out. Even as I’m writing this it’s making me sick. I love them, but I can rarely eat them. Don’t even get me started with the gross and minty York Peppermint Patties. 

9. Twizzlers Peel ‘n’ Pull

 I actually hate Twizzlers, and I just don’t understand how someone enjoys these. Although, I do enjoy the peel Twizzlers. These are just ranked so low because the strawberry taste gets sickening after a while, and the candy gets stuck in my teeth so it’s immensely annoying.

10. Heath Bars

Growing up I ate so many Heath Bars, but now I’m starting to realize that they’re not that good. Though, I put these on my list because they remind me a lot of my childhood, and it’s nostalgic for me in a way. But, if I do eat these now, it feels like I’m chewing on a magnet that once again gets stuck in my teeth. 

Overall, I enjoy a lot of Halloween candy, and the ones I listed are just HALF. Nonetheless, I hope this year you stay safe and share your favorite pieces of candy with friends, family, and trick-or-treaters who stop by your house.