United States Travel Restrictions Lifted


Christian Buonopane, Editor

Almost 20 months after the original travel restrictions were declared in March 2020 in order to prevent the spread of Covid, they are being lifted. The United States had closed its entryways to many countries including the majority of Europe, Brazil, and some asian countries such as China and India. 


“Normal” travel will be, in most cases, restored. All of this will be done while still trying to limit the spread of Covid. This will be done by requiring that travellers be both vaccinated and have a negative Covid test 72 hours (or less) prior to travelling. Children under 2 are exempt from testing, and anyone under 18 does not need to be vaccinated, but they do need to have a negative test.


United States land borders, those shared with Mexico and Canada are now open. Anyone may drive (or take a boat) into the country as long as they can provide proof of vaccinations to Customs and Borders Protections agents, with minors being exempt from this rule. The United States however is emphasising that this is for “necessary” travel only. 


All of these changes will no doubt have beneficial effects on the United States. Many tourists contribute to a steady and profitable economy, especially tourists from Asian nations. Visa and passport processes are also speeding up, as other countries move to lift their travel restrictions. Hopefully, we will all soon be able to return to a state of pre-Covid travel normalcy, provided that the conditions are right, and as long as everything is safe and secure.