Pep Rally: The Ongoing Tradition Makes a Comeback


Zoe Long, Editor/Writer

With Thanksgiving approaching, we are all thinking about what we are grateful for here at Winthrop High School. Things like “family” and “friends” may come to mind, but I am sure that for any student at Winthrop High the very first thought is the upcoming pep rally! Sadly after not being able to have an in person, interactive pep rally last year because of the remote schooling model, Winthrop High School is returning bigger and better this year with new games and spirit week themes. 

Spirit Week 2021 is going to start Wednesday, November 17th, and end Wednesday, November 24th. All the themes that the student council have come up with this year are absolutely amazing! Here is a quick rundown of what you should have prepared for pep rally week: 

Wednesday, November 17th: HOLIDAY DAY – Come to school dressed in an outfit that represents your favorite holiday!

Thursday, November 18th: COUNTRY MUSIC VS. COUNTRY CLUB – Choose your side! Are you country or preppy? Dress up to represent which side you are on!

Friday, November 19th: FANCY FRIDAY – Wear your fanciest, flashiest, and most glamorous outfit and accessories!

Monday, November 22nd: ‘MERICA MONDAY – Dress in red, white, and blue!

Tuesday, November 23rd: COLOR DAY – 

  • Freshman in ORANGE
  • Sophomores in PURPLE
  • Juniors in RED
  • Seniors in BLACK

Wednesday, November 24th: VIKING PRIDE DAY – Wear your best Viking attire! Fill the building with blue and gold!


Student Council has also come up with a culmination of amazing pep rally games that YOU can sign up for! The deadline to sign-up is Monday, November 15th. Here is a quick rundown of which games will be featured at the pep rally this year: 


The goal is to empty a roll of toilet paper by wrapping it around a teacher as fast as possible. Whichever team empties their roll first is the winner.




Each team member will take turns spinning with their head on a bat 10-15 times then running to the tic tac toe board. They will then attempt to throw a bean bag on the board. The first team with 3 in a row wins!




Each team will have a “human bowling ball” and a “bowler.” The “human bowling ball” will sit on a scooter and the “bowler” will push them down the lane towards a set of pins. The objective is for the “human bowling ball” to knock down as many pins as possible!



4 – TUG ‘O WAR: 

The goal is to pull the rope hard enough that the other team is forced into your team’s territory.



These next two activities aren’t particularly games, but instead fundraisers for the school and food donations for families in need this Thanksgiving season! Please try to donate some money and canned food, if you are able! Here is a more in depth rundown of these two incredible events: 



Thanksgiving can be a tough time of year for some families! Let’s make it a little easier!

Each grade will have a donations box in the Main Lobby starting Monday, November 8.

Please donate as much food as you ​can! Families will likely need Thanksgiving food, so items like canned cranberry sauce, boxed stuffing, and canned veggies will be very in-demand.

All the food we collect will be donated to a local food bank!

Whichever class donates the most food will WIN and earn points for your grade!



During each lunch, you may donate your spare change to help decide which teacher will get a pie in the face! Your money will help STUCO sponsor different school-wide events throughout the year!

Visit the STUCO table in the lobby to donate starting on Monday, November 8!


Please make sure to sign up for these awesome games, donate money and cans of food, and participate in the spirit week themes. I hope to see you all showing your school spirit during this upcoming week!