A Comprehensive Ranking Of Thanksgiving Sides


Zoe Long, Editor/Writer

With Thanksgiving approaching, I have begun to think about all the wonderful food I am going to enjoy very soon. Although I am a large fan of the turkey, I strongly believe that all the traditional Thanksgiving sides are really what tie the meal together for me and make it so enjoyable. Personally, I am INCREDIBLY picky, so I don’t eat very many elaborate side dishes on this upcoming holiday, but that also caused me to think. Am I missing out on some amazing foods? Or do many others enjoy the simple sides just as much as I do? Originally I was going to do this ranking myself, but all of these questions made me realize it would be smarter to do it with others. I sent out a survey to around 25 people, providing them a list of 13 Thanksgiving side dishes, asking them what their favorite dish, or dishes, are. Here are those results: 

Coming in at FIRST PLACE: Rolls 

A little underwhelming I must say, but you can’t really go wrong with bread. I also find this interesting because almost everyone has a different type of roll they eat on Thanksgiving Day. My family makes tons of cresent rolls, while other families have biscuits. There are definitely some holes in my surveying process, BUT overall the bread won. 

SECOND PLACE: Tie between Mashed Potatoes and Mac and Cheese

Personally, I am a sucker for mashed potatoes. My father and uncle have a special recipe for making them and they’re never not great. They would definitely be my personal first place. On the other hand, I have never seen mac and cheese at a Thanksgiving Dinner, but apparently it is popular. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love mac and cheese but I have never thought of it as a Thanksgiving side. 


I have never had stuffing before and I don’t really understand it. I don’t want to receive hate for anything I may say about anyone’s favorite food, but isn’t this just wet bread? I could definitely be wrong, but this is always the way I view it on Thanksgiving Day. Although, with the amount of votes it got, I may have to give it another try. 


Old reliable.

FIFTH PLACE: Brussel Sprouts

Not much to say here except that I really need to expand my palate. I have unfortunately never tried brussel sprouts, but just like stuffing, the amount of votes is making me interested in trying them.  

SIXTH PLACE: Tied between Cranberry Sauce, Salad, and Sautéed Broccoli

As it gets lower down the list I can confidently say my opinions will get more and more boring. I have never tried cranberry sauce or sautéed broccoli, and the ingredients within the salad have to be very specific for me to like it.  

SEVENTH PLACE: Tied between Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Cauliflower

You know what I’m going to say by now! I have never tried either of these things! Although I can say there is going to be a lot of taste testing by me this Thanksgiving because I am thoroughly intrigued. 


I’m hurt this wasn’t placed higher. Rice Pilaf is one of the few foods I would live off of if I really had to. 

NINTH PLACE: Green Bean Casserole

Never had it, but I just know that this placement is correct. One of the few things I will not be trying this Thanksgiving. 

Other people wrote in their own specific dishes such as stuffed mushrooms, sweet potato + marshmallow casserole, and couscous. 

From the eyes of a picky eater who hasn’t eaten most of this, this list honestly does seem correct. Although after trying some of these dishes next week, that opinion may be skewed. I really hope the opinions of these select few Winthrop High School students and teachers were not too controversial. Have a very happy Thanksgiving and eat any and all the sides you want!