Business Spotlight: Katie’s Kitchen

Business Spotlight: Katies Kitchen

Christian Buonopane, Editor

This week, I visited Katie’s Kitchen, a restaurant owned and operated by Winthrop’s own Katie Rodriguez. I got to see the food prep, try some awesome food, go cooking with Santa, and even ask Katie some questions. 


I tried the chicken balls and vegetable lasagna. The chicken balls were perfectly portioned, filling, and hearty. I then tried the vegetable lasagna, and it tasted even better than real (using pasta) lasagna! The ricotta filling and sauce were delicious. I would recommend both to anyone. You can get the chicken balls as is from the deli, or eat them on a salad. I also got to check out cooking with Santa, which was really fun, and engaged the kids. Tons of younger kids came with their parents, and each got a kit where they could make their own cupcakes, frost them, and even get hot chocolate, all with Santa! Food was also available for purchase for them and their parents. Overall, I would totally recommend Katie’s Kitchen. Not only is most of the food pre-cooked, as in all you have to do is take it off a shelf/refrigerator and buy it, but they are allergen safe, and clearly marked as such. See the interview for more. 


Interview portion:


Christian: What or who inspired you to start your business?


Katie: I was inspired to prove delicious and healthy meals that were quick and accessible. My kids also all had food allergies so I wanted to be sure that folks with allergies could have safe and easy options. 


Christian: What, if any challenges have you faced?


Katie: As a small business owner there are always lots of challenges. We don’t have the staff like a big box store to do all the things and we do them by ourselves. In one day you are your own shopper, chef, marketing agent, secretary, banker, receptionist, cleaner, front desk clerk, and bookkeeper. It is exhausting for sure!


Christian: Who has helped you succeed?


Katie: Community and family helps you through. I now am blessed to have an unbelievable team. 


Christian: What are your goals?


Katie: My goals are to continue to grow, keep our standards of product and integrity of our ingredients a priority, and maintain a great presence in our community as we create an amazing space to share with our guests. 


We extend our thanks to Katie for participating in this interview. Katie’s Kitchen can be found at 2 Michael’s Mall, in Michael’s Mall.