Black History Month: Supporting Local Black Owned Businesses


Zoe Long, Editor/Writer

During Black History Month, we all take time to recognize and celebrate Black people who have impacted not just the country but the world with their activism and achievements. We spend time recognizing the triumphs and struggles of Black people throughout US history. This month-long spotlight that the Viking Times will be conducting during February gives an opportunity for people to engage with Black histories, and highlight Black leaders and their accomplishments.


This particular installation will highlight and focus on locally Black-owned businesses in Winthrop and in our surrounding towns and cities. Although these companies need and deserve support year round, this month is a perfect time to support and shout them out even more than usual. 


Here are just some of the wonderful locations I found while shopping for some locally Black owned businesses – 

  • Beraka Juice – Located in Winthrop Center, this shop offers cold-pressed juices, açcai bowls, oatmeal, and juice cleanses, which are all organic and non-pasteurized. (
  • 195Essential  – A Boston-based clothing and apparel company launched by father-daughter team Jason and Lena Harris during the pandemic to support essential workers. (
  • Anointed Hands Massage & Spa Essentials  – Located in Randolph and owned by Diana Gethers. This spot offers therapeutic massage treatments and facials. (
  • Bondij Clothing  – An online custom-made clothing boutique from local owner and founder Dionne Richards. (
  • Bonita Hair Salon – Located in Somerville and owned by Nailah Montalvo. They offer hair, makeup, and other services for both women and men. (
  • Constant Elevation Clothing  – A Stow-based clothing company specializing in graphic tees; Founded by Joshua Amir and Quarry James. (
  • Event Horizon  – A Boston-based endurance sport company founded by Tony Rich which runs training, coaching, and nutrition programs for adults and athletes of all abilities. ( 
  • Family Hardware Corp. – A hardware company in Mattapan co-owned by siblings Kimberly Prescod, Natalie Santos-Castillo, and George Prescod Jr. (
  • Final Touch With Class Boutique – A retail shop owned by the Hardaway family in Boston. This business was named 2017 Business of the Year by Mayor Marty Walsh at the annual Mayor on Main Street awards ceremony.  (
  • Frugal Bookstore  – A community bookstore in Roxbury and Boston’s only Black-owned bookstore. This business is owned by Leonard Egerton and Clarrissa Cropper Egerton. (
  • Giselle’s Flowers & Gifts  – Located in Roxbury is a small florist shop owned by Antonietta Barros, whose designs are featured in private homes, offices, and at special events. (
  • Ula Cafe  – Located in Jamaica Plain and owned by Kelly Fernandes, Marvin Mathelier, and Beth Santos. This business is a community cafe, bakery, and meetup spot with a focus on social impact and sustainable and local sourcing. (


I strongly believe that all of these businesses seem so incredible. While writing and researching for this article, I looked through many of their websites and there’s so many that I want to visit myself. I hope there are some I provided that you, the reader, will look into visiting as well. These businesses need your love and support all year round, but this month especially make sure to go check them out! Thank you for reading and Happy Black History Month!