WHS raises money for Special Olympics MA in annual Polar Plunge event

WHS raises money for Special Olympics MA in annual Polar Plunge event

Cori Powell, Editor/Writer


This year, Winthrop High School is hosting a polar plunge. Anyone can sign up to take the plunge and get sponsors to donate for them to take the plunge in the freezing cold water. This is in order to raise money for the Special Olympics, so it’s for a great cause. If you want to donate, you can contact Mrs. Kelley, scan the QR code posted around school, or click the link in the weekly email that Mrs. Kelley sends.

First, I interviewed Mr. Leonardo, who is taking the plunge.

Are you excited to take the plunge?

No I am not excited to be in the cold water but I am excited to see Ms. Irvine go in! She has been trying to get out of doing this for a while so enough of the hiding already. 

How many years have you done the plunge and what convinced you to do it?

For WHS, this will be my 2nd year but I have done a polar plunge several times.

Next, I interviewed Mrs. Kelley, who is running it.

How much money have you raised so far?

So far, WHS has raised $2,158 for Special Olympics Massachusetts. We are accepting donations until Friday, March 25!

What is the money going to go towards and why should people want to support this?

Special Olympics Massachusetts is an amazing organization that promotes unity, inclusion, and healthy lifestyles. Athletes with intellectual disabilities compete in 23 different Olympic-type sports and learn about important skills such as teamwork and communication skills. Anyone who strives to lift others up, to persevere in their goals, and to achieve success (whatever that looks like) should donate AND get involved with the Special Olympics!

How many people are participating in the plunge, and what teachers are/should do the plunge?

All of the Student Council Eboard will participate in the Plunge as well as anyone who created their own fundraising page on the WHS team. The staff members who are plunging are me, Ms. DelSolio, Ms. Tourgee, Ms. McKinnon, Ms. Kostegan, and Mr. Leonardo. Ms. Santangelo and Ms. Irvine will plunge if we raise $2,500 and $3,000, and Mr. Tarantino even volunteered to take the plunge if we exceed our goal and hit $3,500!


Make sure to donate. You can reach out to Mrs. Kelley for more information. Thanks for reading!


**UPDATE: WHS STUCO was able to raise over $3000 for Special Olympics MA as of March 24!**