The Viking Times Tasters, Installation Three: Hong Kong Dragon


Christian Buonopane and Zoe Long

We are back with another Viking Times Tasters article! For this installation, Zoe Long, Jenessa Wadkins, and I went to Hong Kong Dragon, a Winthrop Classic. Hong Kong Dragon, a Chinese food restaurant, is located at 68 Woodside Ave, in the Winthrop Center. As we walked in, not only was there incredible ambience and decor, but the hostess quickly greeted, sat us, and a waiter came by shortly after to take our orders.


For this taster, instead of each of us ordering appetizers, entrees, and dessert, we all shared various plates, and Jenessa and I each got a different type of soup. 


Here are the different types of food we got, who ate each food, and how we each felt about them: 


Hot and Sour Soup – Christian

Review – This is always a favorite for me, and I am sure to get it whenever I go to dine in. Despite its name, the soup isn’t sour, but it is hot and spicy. I usually let it cool for a few minutes before eating it. The soup is a warm broth with tofu, mushrooms, and egg ribbons. It offers a nice blend of spiciness and tanginess, with strong flavors coming from the thickened broth.


Chicken Noodle Soup – Jenessa

Review – This soup was a great starter! As always, the broth was very flavorful, and it was a nice cool prelude to what I would eat later. It was just simply chicken and noodles, with no spices or anything extra added. The chicken was tender, and very good. 


Chicken Fingers – Christian, Jenessa, Zoe

Review (Christian) – Chinese chicken fingers, of course, are different from the traditional chicken finger. Rather than being breaded in breadcrumbs, they are battered and cooked til golden crispy. The crispiness of the outside compliments with the warm, tender meat of the inside. Dipping one in duck sauce takes them to the next level. 


Review (Jenessa) – I loved these! As always, the inside was soft, and the outside batter was very crispy. These are one of my favorite things to get whenever I’m at Hong Kong Dragon. 


Review (Zoe) – Chinese chicken fingers have always been a favorite food of mine. They are crispy and delicious. Specifically the ones we had on Sunday night were warm, breaded perfectly, and the chicken was cooked perfectly. I definitely had the most of them out of this group! 


Beef Teriyaki – Christian, Jenessa, Zoe

Review (Christian) – I never considered myself a beef teriyaki fan until fairly recently. 


Review (Jenessa) – The beef teriyaki was very tender and flavorful. I ate it right when I came out, and it was nice to have it served hot. This and General Gau’s chicken are probably my 2 favorite things to get. 


Review (Zoe) – This is also one of my favorite Chinese food dishes to order. The ones that were ordered were very tender, full of flavor, and maintained their warmth throughout the meal. 


Pork Fried Rice – Christian, Jenessa, Zoe

Review (Christian) – I always enjoy getting an order of rice as it is a fairly neutral dish. There is nothing spicy about it, and there are no crazy flavors. It can be nice to have with the General Gau’s sauce, which I sometimes add, just for a little bit of a twang. 


Review (Jenessa) – The rice was a nice side to balance out everything I ate. We were debating between ham fried and pork fried, but eventually settled on pork fried rice. I love mixing a little duck sauce on top to add extra flavor. 


Review (Zoe) – Sunday night was actually the first time I had ever tried this dish, and it will definitely become a regular order of mine when I get Chinese! The pork was tender and added a lot of flavor to the rice, which was perfectly cooked and flavorful just by itself. 


General Gau’s Chicken – Christian, Jenessa, Zoe

Review (Christian) – General Gau’s chicken is by far my favorite thing to get at Hong Kong Dragon. The chicken is battered, fried, and then covered in sauce, served with a few pieces of broccoli. The sauce, a mix of sweet and spicy, compliments the chicken very nicely. This is definitely my favorite. 


Review (Jenessa) – I have to agree with Christian’s take on this. General Gau’s chicken was and always has been my favorite dish. It is delectable, and never a disappointment. The battered fried chicken is soft and a little crispy, a good balance. The sauce that it’s tossed in is even better: a mix of savory with a small, spicy kick. 


Review (Zoe) – This was another dish that I tried for the first time Sunday night. (Thank you to Christian and Jenessa for pushing me out of my comfort zone.)The chicken was perfectly cooked, and the sauce that it was coated in had an incredible flavor, with a bit of a kick. This is definitely another dish that I will add to my regular Chinese order! 


Peking Raviolis – Christian + Jenessa

Review (Christian) – Although I don’t usually get these, they are good. The pork on the inside is hot, and the outside is crispy. Dipping these in duck sauce offers an additional level of flavor, working well with the crispy outside and soft inside. 


Review (Jenessa) – Peking raviolis are one of my favorite sides to get here. The crispy outside with the tender, flavorful pork and vegetable filling is delicious. I love dipping these in soy sauce, as the saltiness balances out some of the sweetness of the pork. 


Overall the surface, the food, and the atmosphere of this restaurant left nothing to be desired. It is a classic, as it will continue to be. This restaurant is a perfect place to eat with family and friends, as it is welcoming, calming, and will leave your appetite satisfied. We recommend this Winthrop Classic to anyone and everyone! In our expert opinion, Hong Kong Dragon gets a 10/10!