The Viking Times Tasters, Installation Four: Crumbl Cookies


Ariana Bruno and Zoe Long

This week, Zoe Long and I, along with Jenessa Wadkins and (our lovely driver) Rachael Romano went to Crumbl Cookie. It’s located in multiple places such as Medford, Saugus, and Woburn. For those who haven’t been to this place, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Crumbl first opened up in 2017 and they only sold their iconic chocolate chip cookies. When they continued to grow and gain a larger following, so did their flavors. Crumbl introduced their concept where they planned on having a rotating menu. Since then, new flavors have been added weekly. Sometimes they’ll even bring back old flavors.

This week the flavors are Milk Chocolate Chip, New York Cheesecake, Waffle, Berries & Cream, Dark Dream, and Classic Pink Sugar.

We all got a mix of cookies and shared some so we could all try each new flavor. Here is what we all thought:

Dark Dream: Amazing. 8/10
Berries and Cream: Good when cold but definitely a weak link. 4/10
Waffle: Yum. 6.5/10
Chocolate Chip: Classic. 6/10

Waffle: Tastes exactly like a waffle but sticky. 5/10
Chocolate Chip: Always amazing, you can’t go wrong with a classic. 9/10
Cheesecake: It’s only good when it’s warm but really sweet. I had high hopes but it was too sweet. 3/10
Peanut Butter Brownie (was sold last week; they only have extras on Monday): My favorite of all time. Chocolate and peanut butter are the perfect combos. 10/10

Waffle: It was good but not too impressive. The syrup was very sticky. 7/10
Dark Dream: This cookie was also good, but not impressive. 7/10

Cheesecake: Flavor was incredibly accurate and delicious but I couldn’t eat a lot at once. 6/10
Waffle: Amazing, warm, consistency was perfect. It just made my fingers sticky with the syrup 7/10
Peanut Butter Brownie (was sold last week; they only have extras on Monday): Sucker for anything peanut butter, the cookie was very rich and the amount of chocolate and peanut butter flavor in the cookie and frosting was balanced perfectly. 9/10
Darm Dream: Incredibly chocolatey, gooey, and melty, also couldn’t eat a lot at once. 9/10.

Overall, if you enjoy dessert like us, Crumbl is the perfect place to go with friends and family. Not only are the cookies cheap in price and delicious, but they’re also huge. It’s definitely worth trying if you have a sweet tooth.