Winthrop High School’s Spring Show: Black Comedy

Winthrop High Schools Spring Show: Black Comedy

Christian Buonopane, Editor

This Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th at 7 pm, Winthrop High School will be performing its rendition of Black Comedy! The piece was written by Peter Shaffer in 1965. 

In the play, Brindsley Miller and Carol Melkett steal antiques from Miller’s neighbor, Harold Gorringe, in order to impress Carol’s father as well as George Bamberger, a very rich art collector. The plans then go awry, and in darkness, Brindsley has to rearrange the furniture because of the arrival of unexpected guests. 

I interviewed Director Mrs. Calinda, actor Zoe Long, and Stage Manager Jolena Zaccaria for their thoughts on the show. 


Mrs. Calinda:

  • Why did you pick this play?

I picked this British farce for the Spring Play because I strive to challenge the students in the Drama Society by working on a variety of genres throughout the school year. I think a comedy is a great way to end the year because it is so upbeat and fun. 

  •  Were there any major challenges regarding the British and/or German dialects that the actors have to use?

 The students are doing great with the dialects! Ian Page, a WHS Drama Society alum is working with me as a Directing intern through Dean College. He has been integral in working on the dialects with the cast. 

  •  How has the production come along in terms of the set?

The set is coming together slowly but surely. It is an interior set as the entire play takes place inside the London flat of artist Brindley Miller. It has been difficult to find all of the furniture and props that we need especially because the play is set in the 1960’s.


Jolena Zaccaria:

  • What has been the most rewarding part of working on this production?

The most rewarding part of working on this production was watching my assistant, Zineb Belghiti, apply all the skills I have taught her and watching her prepare to take over as Stage Manager for the next two years. 

  • What has the set-building process been like?

The set-building process went by super quickly because we were in a time crunch but it was super fun. We all worked in small groups on separate projects to then come together to create a room interior for our production. 

  • This play is a comedy. Has it been fun watching rehearsals?

This show has been one of my favorite productions, when it comes to rehearsals. Watching rehearsals and seeing all the little jokes come together was so fun and everyone just had a great time throughout. 


Zoe Long:

  • How has the experience acting in the play been?

My experience acting in the play has been fantastic. Our directors, Mrs. Calinda and Ian Page are so comfortable to work with and bounce ideas off of. The play is hilarious, so rehearsal has been even funnier with line mess ups and jokes. Overall, the cast and the nature of the show make it a very joyful experience, and I think any audience member would also be able to feel that energy. 


  • How do you think the set contributes to the play?

I think that the set contributes greatly to the play. I’d like to shout out our crew because they are so hardworking and fantastic. Our set (in my opinion) is SO cool. It transforms the audience and the actors into a completely different space, and it feels very homey and welcoming. We also have a lot of furniture and space to work with, which only makes for many more funny moments in the show!


Thank you to Mrs. Calinda, Jolena Zaccaria, and Zoe Long for answering my questions! We wish the cast of “Black Comedy” the best of luck!