To the class of 2022

To the class of 2022

The class of 2022 was my first group of sophomore students. On the first day of school, I could tell right away that the unwavering personality of each individual student was going to create some interesting times in room 205…and I was right. There were loud, unabashed conversations, and boisterous lessons at every corner. These students were (and still are) unapologetic, energetic, and dedicated…and those are my favorite things about them.

To the class of 2022, you have certainly made an impact here at WHS.  Over your four (albeit, interesting) years here, you have walked these halls with confidence and plastered your personality on every inch of the building. Now, it is your last official day of high school, and this place will just not be the same without you. However, it gives me hope to know that, even though you won’t be here, you will be out there contributing to the world with those same personalities, opinions, and ideas. That’s a universe that I am happy to be a part of.

High school is a time of change. Though some may claim they are “the best years of your life”, I personally think that they are simply some of the most transformative. It’s no secret that you are vastly different people than you were four years ago and you will be vastly different people four years from now. While you are out there changing the world, and changing yourselves, never forget that some things need to be held on to, and some need to be let go. Reflect on your time here at WHS and what made you who you are now; those are the things to keep around.

As I said in my senior letter last year, high school is such a small part of your life. It may feel like the longest four years ever, but it’s really only a fraction of who you will become. As you go to college, enter the workforce, or enter the world, embrace the future with open arms, no matter what it holds, because you still have so much life left to live. Let yourself mold and change into the person you are meant to be, but never let go of who you are. This world will try and change you. You will be told that you are too loud, too sensitive, too aggressive, too anything. There’s no such thing as “too much YOU”. Don’t let them make you feel otherwise.

I hope you all continue to have those loud, unabashed conversations. I hope you never let go of those unwavering opinions. I hope your personalities continue to paint the walls of every establishment you enter. I hope you grow, change and mature, but continue to be unapologetically you. The world needs more people willing to stand up for what they believe in…be those people without reservation.

It’s been a sincere pleasure to be a small part of your high school experience. I cannot wait to see what you all do.

Congratulations to the class of 2022!

All the best,

Ms. I


I would like to give an extra special shoutout to our senior Editor in Chief, Analise Bruno. Analise has been gracing this news site with her poignant and tasteful words for the past two years. Her emotional intelligence is unmatched compared to most, which shines through her writing. She has led this team to success with her incredible dedication and sense of empathy. We would not be as good as we are without her. Thank you, Analise. To say you will be missed is an understatement.