The Past and the Present: Jobs Through the Generations at Winthrop High


Christian Buonopane, Editor

This week, I wanted to find out what current and former high school students did for their summer jobs in high school. I asked some of my teachers and friends to see what their plans were for the summer employment-wise.



Casey Petersen: 

Over the summer I will be working as a sailing instructor at the Winthrop Yacht Club. What this entails is teaching young kids how to sail and give them tips and tricks to maneuver through the waters. I work alongside my fellow classmates, the two head instructors being Elle English and Emma Forsyth. Our main goal over the summer is to help all the kids succeed with their future endeavors on the water. 


Kaylin Barry: 

I am working at Parks and Rec, 5 days a week! I will be working with kids full-time ages 5-12 and helping them through anything that they need, and enjoying the summer with my friends. I am super excited for this job!


Ben Prew: 

I will be working at Shirley Hardware and at the Cottage Park Yacht Club’s youth sailing program. At Shirley Hardware, I will be doing screen repairs, as well as helping customers, and stocking shelves. At CPYC, I will be teaching young sailors how to sail! That involves teaching them points of sail, as well as showing them different boats. We will also be educating them about marine life.


McKenzie Margardo:

I am working at Parks and Rec over the summer! Unlike some of the other Winthrop High School students working there this summer, I will be working 3 days a week instead of 5. This is because I plan on taking many college tours, thankfully Parks and Rec has been very accommodating with my schedule. Working three days a week was also better because I will also have some extra free time. I am very excited to work with the kids and the families of Parks and Rec!


Annika Holgersen: 

This summer, I am going to be a Nanny. I will be taking care of 3 kids, ages 4, 7 and 10. Two of them sail, and I will be caring for them 4 days a week. I am super excited for this job because I love children and caring for others has been a passion of mine. 



Mr. Parsons: 

I worked several different jobs throughout the summer in high school. I worked at Stella’s Pizza in Watertown making pizza and sandwiches. I also worked at the Oakley Country Club, where I was a golf caddy. Additionally, I worked at Tufts University painting trash cans and dumpsters. 


Ms. Irvine: 

I had a bunch of different summer jobs over the years. I started out as a babysitter for my neighbors and eventually became a dance teacher. My first “real” job in high school, however, was a front desk associate for a children’s museum in my town. I ran the register, checked in customers, worked in the gift shop, cleaned/changed the toys and exhibits, and ran birthday parties for kids. I would work there all day in the summer, and I loved it. It was so fun to work with children in my community and be a part of a small nonprofit. I think small businesses in your community are great for summer jobs! 


Señor Nickerson:

 When I was in High School, I worked at Putnam Pantry on Route 1. Some of the days I was “maintenance” where I would have to get to work around 7am to clean the entire place (bathrooms too) before we opened. Other shifts I was scooping ice cream for sundaes, making frappes & milk shakes) or making the homemade whip cream. It was a lot of fun because a lot of my friends worked there. The only downside is that now as an adult, I am ok with never eating ice cream again. 


We hope that this was informative and fun, and wish the best of luck to WHS students this summer with their jobs!