OPINION: When Will Gas Prices Finally Go Down?


By Nataliya Melnyk

With the school year coming to an end, road trips and late-night car rides will be more common among many students. The lovely feeling of driving with the windows down and blasting your favorite songs is something that will boost anyone’s serotonin. Or how about going on a road trip around a few nearby states with your family? All of these things are activities I want to do this summer, but I am not sure I will be doing much of these due to a specific problem. The problem that we all have to deal with right now are the horrific gas prices. With prices being close to or more than $5 in many states, the question that everyone wants an answer to is, when will the gas prices finally go down? 

 Back in January 2022, the average price for gas per gallon was $3.28, that was before the prices started to soar. Many things have played a role in why the gas prices are so high, the major ones being the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. According to today’s average, the price for gas in Suffolk county is $5.11. 

Photo Courtesy of Gas Buddy

As far as we can see the prices are only continuing to grow without any signs of decrease. Some Americans are even starting to consider buying hybrid or electric cars, just to leave behind the headache of paying for gas. I think this option will be very beneficial for any Californian because they have officially surpassed the $6 mark, with their price being $6.37. So, what should we expect? Looking back at past years, we can assume that the prices will stay high during the summer and will only start to go down in early September. 

I know that we all wish to have reasonable gas prices during the summer, but it seems like we will need to find other ways to spend our time. I guess it’s the perfect time for us to dust off our bikes and start riding them around. After all, bike riding is free, good for the environment, and allows people to be active.