OPINION: Why All Cardio Lovers Should Invest in a Peloton Bike


By Samantha Harrison

Are you a person who has an extreme desire for cardio? If so, the peloton bike is a perfect investment for you! The Peloton bike has a starting price of $1,195 plus an additional charge of $250 for delivery and setup. This price may seem overwhelming and obscured, however once you clip your shoes into the bike, you will instantly be grateful for your purchase.

The Peloton bike does not only offer cycling classes. Riders also have the ability to take strength, yoga, cardio, meditation, stretching, and high intensity bootcamp classes. There is a workout suited for every rider. Classes are categorized by their level of intensity – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The duration of the classes also vary. A rider can choose to partake in a class as short as 5 minutes or as long as 60 minutes. Each class is taught by professional and experienced instructors who contain high levels of enthusiasm and energy. They are highly motivating and push riders beyond their limits. Everyday, live classes are held and riders have the opportunity to compete against one another. 

Many people also rely heavily on music while working out. The playlist you are listening to can determine whether or not you complete an efficient workout. On the Peloton bike, athletes have the power to select the type of music genre they would like to cycle to. The rider has almost unlimited options on this bike. They can customize their ideal workout. There are also numerous monthly challenges, themed rides, and new additions consistently added to the bike. 

There is no other exercise machine as advanced, intricate, and promising as the Peloton bike. It has so much to offer and provides riders with endless opportunities. Some would argue that their lifestyle has forever changed after this investment. Of course, this bike keeps riders in shape and produces high calorie burn. However, the Peloton is not just a workout, it is an enjoyment. The feeling one receives when they unclip while drenched in sweat is unexplainable!