A Comprehensive Look Into The Incredible Clubs At Winthrop High School

Zoe Long, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Welcome back to Winthrop High School! And for those of you who are incoming freshmen, or new students, welcome to Winthrop High School! We, at the Viking Times, hope that everyone is having an amazing first week back to school. The adjustment from summer to school can be very stressful. The summer brings a lot of opportunities and free time for hobbies, activities, and interests to be explored and experienced. However, expression of oneself should not stop when we enter the classroom. Our hobbies and interests should not only be able to enter all of our classrooms but be able to be shared freely amongst peers who agree and want to learn more. With our engaging staff and kind student body, I am confident there is absolutely a place where everyone belongs!


In my four years at Winthrop High School I have tried my best to join, participate, or at least look into any club I can here at Winthrop High School. There are SO many that we have to offer, ranging over SO many different interests. I have participated in over half a dozen clubs throughout my three years and have created new interests and friendships because of them. Each and everyone of them are incredibly safe spaces for students to express themselves, their interests, and work alongside a teacher and a few other students. Our clubs range from Drama Society to STEAM Club, and everyone should get involved however they can! You can get involved in these clubs by speaking to other students or reaching out to teachers! I am going to list most, if not all, of the clubs that we have to offer here at Winthrop High School along with a short description. Certain clubs also have a quote from one of the teacher advisors and/or one of the student members! I hope you’re convinced to get involved with some of these extracurriculars after reading; I assure you that they are all so magical, welcoming, and educational.


*I deeply apologize if I missed any of the clubs that we have to offer at Winthrop High! If you are curious about any other clubs you may have heard about, don’t hesitate to inquire with a teacher, a guidance counselor, or another student! ALSO, anybody can start their own club with an appropriate theme, a few of their friends, and teacher advisor! Be creative and explore the world of extracurriculars!


Student Council! 

Teacher Advisors: Ms. DelSolio & Ms Kostegan

Description: General Council is a branch of Student Council that is open to all students! General Council members plan, organize, and execute school wide events and coordinate community outreach alongside the Executive Board.

Student Member Quote: Christian Buonopane – “STUCO is great because it allows you to truly be part of our school community! We have biweekly meetings Friday mornings and you can expect to meet great people while working to better our school.”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


Yearbook Club! 

Teacher Advisors: Ms Irvine & Mr. Donnelly

Description: The yearbook club creates, designs, edits and sells our school’s Echo yearbook. Students have the opportunity to learn skills in advertising and marketing as well as photography and graphic design. Students will use a variety of technology tools to join together and create a memorable book that highlights the many achievements of the school community.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mr. Donnelly – “The yearbook club is an amazing opportunity for students to get experience in a variety of different niche talents that range from photography, graphic design, copywriting, marketing, advertisement, and leadership roles. Students can find out what aspect of the club interests them the most and work as a team to create a book that will last well beyond their years at WHS. The yearbook team really tells the story of every year, and each book has its own personality. I love to see each student put their own twist on pages and have it come together to create an amazing final product. ”

Student Member Quote: Lily Tallent  – “I really like the Yearbook Club because I’m able to have a lot of independence while also working with a team to make something great for everyone in the school. I’m really excited for the yearbook this year because it’s my senior year and I was able to take on a leadership role in the design. I can’t wait to make it look awesome so that we can all look back on our memories together!”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


The Viking Times!

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Donnelly & Ms Irvine

Description: The Viking Times is Winthrop High School’s student- run newspaper. We cover both local and world news, as well as all things art, sports, music, opinion, etc. Students get the opportunity to hone in on nonfiction writing skills while meeting new people and getting involved in the community.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Ms. Irvine – I love the Newspaper Club because it gives various students the opportunity to explore things that they would not have on their own, such as sports or stories across the world. It broadens your horizons. This year in the Newspaper Club, we are hoping to grow. We want as many new, interested students as possible. We want different students with different perspectives, and to get different people on board to work with photography, writing, web design, etc. We also hope to send our students to outside resources, in terms of training. Overall, we just want to have a larger student membership in this club and I think everyone should join because there is something for everyone! It also looks great on a resume!”

Student Member Quote: Zoe Long – “I have been a part of the Newspaper Club for three years. Freshman year, taking a break in sophomore year during the pandemic, and then junior and senior year. It is my favorite club I am a part of. I have always enjoyed writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, but never had an outlet for that passion. Now I do! Everyone in this club is incredibly supportive and creative. Being Co-Editor-In-Chief this school year is an incredible opportunity and honor, and I’m excited to write and make more memories!”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


Model UN!

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Leonardo

Description: Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as human rights, climate change, global health, conflict, and more.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mr. Leonardo – “This year the Model UN club is going to follow the model of a global affairs or events debate club. In other words, a debate club for specifically things going on around the world. The weekly meetings are going to be centered around debating world events. However, during that time we’ll be offering up opportunities to club members to train for Model UN conferences. I’m excited for this reboot of the club and I really enjoy our upper class leadership! I am also hoping we have club members that sign up for competitive conferences, perhaps even including some travel conferences.“

Student Member Quote: Hanna Essaouabi – “I have been in Mr. Leonardo’s Model UN/ Global Debate club for 4 years. This club allows students to discuss international issues and investigate solutions for these issues. We go to several conferences at well known institutions like Harvard, MIT, and more colleges/high schools. At these conferences we discuss and investigate solutions for global issues with kids all over the world. Model UN/Global Debate club allows students to become a better public speaker and gives them a place to discuss issues not typically talked about in classrooms!”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


Robotics Club! 

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Tarantino

Description: Here at WHS Robotics we dive into the world of technology using the principles of STEM. Expect to code, build, design, and drive a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition! During the six week build season over the winter, we meet more frequently in order to complete the robot. Other than the annual competition, we get involved in smaller projects and community outreach.

Teacher Advisor Quote:  Mr. Tarantino – “I love that Robotics Club is very self run. My role for this club is just to provide the kids a place to do what they do. They have free rain to explore. It’s very cool too because I get to watch kids discover or follow their passions.”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


Math Club! 

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Beck

Google Classroom Code: ptdq3xt

Description: Math Club meets bimonthly to engage in practice contests, calculator tutorials, math tutoring, and discussion about various mathematical topics! Members will also compete at contest meetings (at WHS).

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mr. Beck – “I actually like doing all the contests myself! They are fun and challenging, going from really easy to really hard. The first problem being easy, and the last ones being much harder. There are only six questions per math challenge. I probably average around a 5, plus or minus maybe 1 or 2.  One year consists of 6-9 contests. Unlike tests and unlike standard rules, students can work on them as long as they want and work alongside their peers. It’s fun to see students come in and work on math for recreation; Get to hear them think aloud and discuss stuff. It’s not always the best students who get the highest score. It’s the student who sees the problem a bit differently or able to read the problem better. Sometimes I have to read the problem half a dozen times to figure out what they are asking for.  Anytime that students can engage in mathematics in a recreational way it’s much more fun, and that’s why I relax the rules and let them enjoy it. I don’t think we’ll ever be in the top ten in the state, so that is why our school scores are determined by the top 5 scores, putting us in the 60th to 70th percentile.”

Student Member Quote: Michael Callanan – “What I like about Math Club is the collaboration that you have with your peers while working on challenging problems. I also love the way that it makes you use your brain and think.”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information! Also, a secret, unidentifiable, and under the table source says that many math teachers will give students bonuses or extra credit for participating in Math Club!


Art Club! 

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Coleman

Description: Independent art making, drawing, cartooning, etc.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mr. Coleman – “What new students can expect from Art Club is encouragement for people to bring things they are working on outside of class or to catch up in classwork. A bunch of people bring in sketchbooks, and we just hang out, create, and sometimes I bring in snacks. Occasionally we will have themes, such as comics. And this year I am hoping to have more organized things, such as painting one day and something else the next!”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


Winthrop High School Drama Society!

Teacher Advisor: Mrs. Calinda

Description: The Winthrop High School Drama Society is for any student interested in being on stage or behind the scenes. We offer multiple performance and technical opportunities. Collaboration is the key to our success. Join us as we work together and strive for excellence. Our motto is “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mrs. Calinda – “Being the director of the WHSDS is the best part of my job here at Winthrop High School. It takes a lot of collaboration and hard work to produce high quality productions. I enjoy seeing the positive influence that theater has on the lives of my students.”

Student Member Quote: Zoe Long – “I have been participating in the WHSDS since freshman year, and it has always been a home away from home! Putting hard work and effort into these plays is SO incredibly rewarding. The people, crew and cast, also make it so much fun! I’ve made so many friends throughout my years in this club. Our director is also incredibly supportive and so kind!”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


Creative Writing!

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Driscoll

Description: Creative Writing Club is open to all students at WHS. This is a great space for students who want to expand their writing practice or experience. Some students may write poems or stories outside of school and are looking for feedback and praise on drafts. Other students may want to come and brainstorm ideas. I will provide both feedback and praise on existing drafts or works in progress, as well as a writing space. However, meeting times will be more focused on specific writing prompts and exercises to spark ideas. We will be working on short stories, narratives, mini memoirs, poems, song lyrics, and comic strips.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Ms. Driscoll  – “Last year I mostly had freshman in this club. They would play games and have free writes. This club gave me an incredible opportunity to get closer with my students and get to know them better which I loved!”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


International Travel! 

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Nickerson

Description: Students can meet and discuss various aspects of upcoming trips, itineraries, and free time activities.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mr. Nickerson – “This club is to promote and recruit student travel. We talk about upcoming trips to recruit kids and to get them excited for student travel. We also start to plan trips for the future! We have this year and next year planned but for current freshman and sophomores, their junior and senior years have not been planned! So they could have input on the destination or interineraries.”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


STEM Club! 

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Tarantino

Description: STEM Club is a collection of curious, driven, and competitive students who are interested in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Through fun projects and challenging competitions, students will explore the vast world of STEM topics and discover new ideas, concepts and passions. Students are encouraged to follow their intuition and challenge themselves in the STEM club as well as to form new bonds with their peers. Additionally, STEM Club students have the ability to compete in local and national Science Olympiad competitions against High Schools from across the nation. These competitions are fun, exciting, and allow for students to gain new perspectives on ideas they’ve been learning since elementary school.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mr. Tarantino – “I really enjoy watching how students choose their events for Science Olympiad because although they don’t have to compete, they are usually so interested in one subject that they will jump headfirst into the various different contests.”

Student Member Quote: Zoe Long – “I only joined this club about halfway through my junior year, but I wish I had joined earlier! It’s so educational and engaging. Working alongside peers to test and build is so fun! The Science Olympiad was also such a great experience! It was very challenging, but it was an incredible way to strengthen team building skills and learn more about specific topics.”

Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!


International Club! 

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Donnelly

Description: This club is open ONLY to international students.

Teacher Advisor Quote: Mr. Donnelly – ” The international student club is for all our international students that come through the high school program and is an opportunity for them to take trips around the local areas to come together as a group, see all that the Boston and great New England area has to offer and get integrated and involved within the high school community. We do everything from going to the Red Sox, ice skating on frog pond or even Six flags.”

 Additional Information: Contact [email protected] for additional information and/or the google classroom code!

Winthrop High School also has SO many different sports for any and all types of students. All of our coaches are incredible, so no one should hesitate to reach out and join some of our teams! We have volleyball, football, basketball, golf, and so many more.

I hope this article inspired you to join some clubs here at Winthrop High School! I can ensure that every single club is incredibly welcoming, fun, and educational. Enhance your four years in this incredible school, broaden your horizons, and try new things!