WHS Vikings Start Off Football Season With A Bang


Winthrop High School is filled with many sports for all students to join, but our biggest sport is arguably football. Every fall people are waiting in anticipation for it to return for the season. 

With such a large team of 30+ boys, it was difficult for me to interview everyone. Though, I still managed to get a few answers from them! 


A: What are some of your strengths that help the team?

Sophomore, Michael Holgersen (#10, wide receiver): I help the team by being able to play whatever and any position on the field. 


A: Are there any weaknesses on the team? If so, how do you all plan to overcome it?

Sophomore, Matthew Noonan (#6, quarterback & linebacker): The lack of seniors on the team is difficult, but we overcome it with a stronger junior class.


A: What’s your favorite thing about football?

Sophomore, Nick Cappuccio (#20, running back & safety): Probably hanging out with the team after a big win.


A: What’s your least favorite thing about football?

Junior, Robert Rich (#4, running back & safety): I don’t know, probably the practices. I don’t really like getting hit, and I hate how hot it gets.


A: What’s it like training to be a WHS football player?

Sophomore, Philly Boncore (#50, linebacker and center): It’s a lot. A lot of commitment and work.


A: What’s the most important thing to work on to make the team better?

Junior, Alessio Marcoccio (#51, guard & defensive tackle): We need to work better as a team, and lock in to get our assignments right.


A: Are football games stressful for you? Why?

Sophomore, Eric Hoxhaj (#14, receiver & corner): Yeah, probably, because you’re going against a different team you’ve never played with before. 


A: What’s your favorite part about football games?

Sophomore, Will Murphy (#22, running back): I like the warmups, and when we’re all together to get hyped for the game. I also really like when we all walk out together. 


A: Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen who want to play football?

Sophomore, Demetri Koutsouflakis (#25, running back & linebacker): No messing around.


A: What’s one piece of advice that made you a better team player?

Junior, Ryan Harris (#52, tackle & defense): Probably learning how to take responsibility for things.


Thank you to the football team for answering these questions, and good luck on this season! Come support our Vikings at all their upcoming games!