Introducing: The Class of 2026 Student Government


Chelsea Long, Writer

Everyone that is a part of their student government are immensely large contributors to the exciting experience that is the four years of high school. Since the 2022-2023 school year has commenced, freshman elections for class office were held on Monday, the 12th, and we now know the individuals who are filling the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Videographer. I decided to interview these class of 2026 students and ask them a few questions about their thoughts on this step in their high school career. Below, they share their very own insights about the positions they were elected for, and how they plan to perform their roles in student government.


Bertie Kline, President

What goals do you have that you hope to fulfill as president?

Bertie: “One of the goals that I hope to fulfill as president is to raise enough money to plan and carry out freshman events. An additional goal I have is to be hugely cooperative and effectively work with the other members that are also a part of student government.

Are you feeling excited about being the president? Why or why not?

Bertie: “I am extremely excited about being elected as the president! Funnily, I wish I had someone to run against for the position because it would’ve been very interesting to compete with another person. Though, I am definitely going to have to manage my schedule because I also play hockey and will still have to find time to complete all of my schoolwork.

What motivated you to run for your position in student government?

Bertie: “I would say that my friends and my dad motivated me the most to run for class president in student government. My dad especially played a big part in my motivation because when I was in the eighth grade, he kept telling me about how I should run for Class President this school year. To be honest, I would also say that I am pretty popular, so there was a good chance that I’d be able to be elected for the position. I’ve wanted to participate in something even bigger than the student council, so this is exactly what I’d hoped for.


Reese Ferrara, Vice President

What goals do you have that you hope to fulfill as vice president?

Reese: “I have many goals that I hope to fulfill as vice president, but just some of these goals are to help everyone in our class have a fun freshman year and to fill my role as vice president by simply being the best I can be.

Are you feeling excited about being the vice president? Why or why not?

Reese: “I am very excited to be the vice president this year, especially because I want to help with events and activities for freshmen, as well as for the entire school. I am also very excited because I have wanted to be a part of the class office for a long while now.

What motivated you to run for your position in student government?

Reese: “I originally got my motivation to run for class vice president from being on student council in middle school, and also hearing about what student council and class office was like in high school. Another piece of my motivation was my cousin, because she was the president of her class and told me all about how fun it was!


Jillian Buonopane, Secretary

What goals do you have that you hope to fulfill as secretary?

Jillian: “In my position of class secretary, I hope to help lead my class in the right direction alongside the other class officers, with the goal of having a great freshman year. I believe through teamwork and persistence, the class officers and I will be able to make this happen.

Are you feeling excited about being the secretary? Why or why not?

Jillian: “I am definitely excited about being elected as class secretary this year. I believe I am very well fit for this position and contain all of the important values to help make me successful. I am very passionate about leadership and staying involved in my class and my school community. I am very excited and honored to be our class secretary this year!

What motivated you to run for your position in student government?

Jillian: “I was motivated to run for class secretary because I enjoyed participating in student council throughout middle school. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to be involved in helping to lead my class and school community in high school. I am beyond excited and grateful that I was given the opportunity to have this role.


Morgan Margardo, Treasurer

What goals do you have that you hope to fulfill as treasurer?

Morgan: The goals I have that I hope to accomplish as treasurer are to make school events more fun-filled and enjoyable for everyone in the class of 2026. I would also like to make sure that all funds are tracked and spent in the right places.

Are you feeling excited about being the treasurer? Why or why not?

Morgan: “I am very ecstatic to be the treasurer for the class of 2026! I care a lot about my school and how the money is spent.

What motivated you to run for your position in student government?

Morgan: “The reason why I wanted to run for class treasurer is because my sister motivated me to.


Chelsea Long, Videographer

I am incredibly thrilled to say that I, myself, am going to be the class videographer for the freshman class during the 2022-2023 school year! Being a part of something so important for the class of 2026 feels exhilarating, and I can’t wait to get started. I feel so lucky and utterly grateful to have been elected for this role and I hope to achieve every possible goal that I already have, as well as new goals to come. I would like to be present for most, if not all sporting events that people in the freshman class are involved in, and to be able to take pictures and videos of every victory on the field. I hope to document the majority of significant after-school events/activities that the freshmen are involved in as well. It’s immensely important to me that I capture any documentations of the most special moments within this school year that the class of 2026 can look back on with gladness.

I am feeling incredibly excited about being the videographer for my class. I believe that this role will give the perfect opportunity to expand my interest in all types of videography, cinematography, photography, and filmmaking. I am also thrilled to be working with such hardworking students in my class and band together to make our freshman year as successful and memorable as possible for everyone. I think that I’ll have a lot of fun being so involved with the school and helping to create a better experience for my grade, and the school as a whole.

When I first heard about the freshman elections, I had an immediate spark of interest. I didn’t know whether running for class videographer was worth it or not, but I figured that there was nothing wrong with at least trying. My motivation was mostly from my fascination with videography and wondering if I was qualified for the position. Writing and vocalizing my speech was difficult, but I don’t regret it in any way. With hard work, I hope to fulfill the expectations of a truly diligent class videographer and play a large part within the student government to enrich the high school experience for my classmates and me!


I hope that this article could fill everyone in on who the selected freshman students for class office are, and how we plan to productively make this school year more enjoyable for our class. I believe that conscientiousness and working together as a team will help the student government push further towards our goals and ideas, as well as make high school an even more wonderful environment for all students in the class of 2026. Thank you so much for reading!