After 28 Years Of An Incredible Legacy, Serena Williams Retires


Casey Petersen, Writer

Serena Williams, one of the world’s best female tennis players has officially retired. Williams took part in her last ever (pro tournament) U.S Open. Williams was one of the best female athletes that ever struck tennis and she finished her career with 23 grand slams and 4 Olympic gold medals. Williams was the first ever person to win that many grand slams. She also got to play one of her last matches with her sister Venus. 

According to NPR, Serena said “she plans to focus on investing in companies led by women and people of color through her venture capital firm.” While this is a drastic change for Williams, it will benefit her for her next chapter of life. Focusing on something she is passionate about will easily allow her to transition out of tennis..

While this may be very disappointing for all of the female tennis fans out there, this is the beginning of a new chapter, and will affect tennis greatly. Make sure you follow Williams along on her new chapter, and see everything she will accomplish off the court!