WHS Travels Abroad – Spain & Portugal 2023


Nadia Aldweib

Are you the type of person who loves experiencing new cultures and lifestyles? Do you often find yourself wishing for more opportunities to travel to new places?

If your answers to the above questions were in fact yes then I have some very exciting news for you. Our very own Winthrop High School is giving students an incredible opportunity to explore and discover the extravagant beauties and sites of Spain and Portugal.  

This trip is one you surely won’t want to miss. You’ll be able to take in and appreciate the various different aspects of both Spain & Portugal’s culture and history.

This is also a great opportunity to branch out and learn about the different customs and culture in other countries. The experience is one that will most likely stay with you for the rest of your life. 

To get people even more pumped about this upcoming trip in the spring of 2023 I caught up with Señor Nickerson to get some insight as to what this trip will look like and how to move forward with signing up.


9 Reasons to Fall in Love with Costa del Sol in Spain - Nothing Familiar
View of Costa del Sol,  Spain

“Why should students sign up to go on this trip?”

“I think students should go on the trip because it’s a great opportunity to see so much of Spain. Also, it gives students who have been studying Spanish for a few years an opportunity to put their skills with the language to use. Furthermore, it gives kids a chance to see a bit of Portugal, Lisbon to be more precise.”

“What are some important things people should know about this upcoming trip in the spring of 2023?”

“Some things kids should know: 1) signing up now locks in the lowest possible price. 2) Explorica puts together a great itinerary. The cost includes hotel, airfare, 2 meals per day, and access to the tourist attractions.”

What is the process of signing up for this trip?

“If kids are interested the first thing they should do is join the Google Classroom: aqkqyai

That will give students access to the detailed itinerary. If they want to sign up, they should go to www.explorica.com and when it asks for a trip ID: it’s Nickerson-2286. It’s a pretty easy process and completely online.”

“What will the trip look like?” (Structure)

“A basic overview of the trip: We start in Barcelona and make our way to Madrid and work our way south to the Costa del Sol (Granada, Sevilla, and the beach in Málaga.) We then head west to Lisbon to wrap up the tour.  We typically do the touristy places in the morning and kids have a good block of free time in the afternoon for lunch and a chance to explore and interact with locals.”

“What are some things you’ll be doing or seeing while there?”

“I have been looking at soccer schedules to see if a game is possible. I love seeing the cathedral in Toledo as well as the Park Guell in Barcelona. The kids will enjoy the Alhambra in Granada as well as the free day on the beach in Málaga. Hopefully it’s warm and the kids can swim in the Mediterranean.”

“Most importantly, if anyone is interested in the trip, please come see me in Room 218 and I can answer any questions. Parents can also email me. Currently we have 12 kids and I’d love to see us get more kids registered.” 


Cathedral of Toledo | Catedral Primada Toledo | Toledo Spain
Cathedral of Toledo, Spain

Well here you have it, all the information you could need to make this trip a reality. Be sure to swing by Señor Nickerson’s classroom, room 218 if you have any questions regarding this trip.

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