Varsity Girls Soccer – Senior Night


Casey Petersen, Writer

This past Monday the Winthrop Lady Vikings took on the Salem Witches at home for their senior night. It was a tough battle and they managed to secure the win thanks to Junior, Kaylee Farrell, who led the team with the one and only goal of the night.  The senior members of the 2022 season, who were noticed this past Monday, are as follows: Lily Tallent (Captain), Mia Norris (Captain), Madison Stiglets (Captain), Abigail Holmes (Captain), Emma Holmes, Julia Holmes, Elizabeth Quinn, Olivia Skomro, Corinne Powell, Kira Diaz, Malin Flatner, and Paola Ivanova. This season the girls have had a record of 5-7, with an approximate 41% winning rate. The girls will be facing Peabody at home on Friday for the last game of the season. I caught up with Senior Captain, Lily Tallent, and asked her what the team is like this year.

Casey Petersen: “Lily, do you believe your team accomplished goals set in place for this season?”

Lily Tallent: “Yes, with a new goalie and a lot of young players we accomplished a lot and win the games we were supposed to win.”

CP: “How could the team as a whole improve for next year?”

LT: “Next year, we need to work on communication and working together on and off the field by building trustful bonds with our teammates.”

CP: “What game this season was the teams best?”

LT: “The team’s best game was when we played the Salem Witches in Salem, in the middle of the season. We  won 8-0 and the intensity was high. Everyone was very happy and excited to be there.”

CP: “Who do you believe is going to step up for the team next year, after the 12 Seniors graduate?”

LT: “I am confident in saying that both Talia Martucci and Daniella Gomez are going to step up and become huge assets for the teams success when the seniors leave. They have proven various times that they belong on the field.”

CP: “Lastly, what was the teams best memory for this season?”

LT: “The best memory for the team was definitely tie-ing Gloucester on their senior night and proceeded to celebrate the whole bus ride back to Winthrop. It was an enjoyable and well deserved moment for the team.”

When catching up with Lily on the team’s successes on the season, she highlighted how there was a lot of growth between the team and the way they played with each other in the beginning versus the end of the tough season. Congratulations to the girls on a hard-fought successful season and growing as a team. Everyone is excited to see what you will accomplish in next year’s season! Good luck!