Fentanyl On The Rise In MA


Nadia Aldweib

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, having been developed for pharmaceutical use of treating severe pain in individuals. It is much stronger than the more commonly known morphine drug, with fentanyl being 50 – 100 times stronger. It has extremely powerful opioid properties and is oftentimes added to Heroin in efforts to appear stronger and more effective in its purpose. The addition of fentanyl to heroin increases the likelihood of a person overdosing and possibly dying as a result.   

In recent months reports by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have indicated a sufficient rise in fentanyl related deaths in the past year. Most recently there was a huge drug bust in Fall River, Massachusetts. 

This particular incident had been an undercover operation for some time for law enforcement officers. A man by the name of Yansilis Grullon had been flagged by Providence police & a narcotics investigation went underway a few months prior to the bust. Providence Police Intelligence Bureau Detectives and individuals in the Massachusetts State Police and Bristol County Sheriff’s Office worked together throughout the investigation of Yansilis Grullon.  

It had been discovered by the detectives that the 43 year old male had been storing large amounts of fentanyl in the city of Providence and distributing it to the surrounding communities. Fall River, Massachusetts was among the compiled list of cities Grullon had distributed to. 

Detectives set up surveillance of Grullon and in time were able to uncover his place of residence as well as his stash house where all the narcotics were being held. Once this information was obtained by law enforcement search warrants were approved for both locations connected to Grullon.

On the afternoon of October 12, 2022 police carried out searches of both locations. Officials came upon various different types of firearms in Grullon’s residence as well as ammunition, drug packaging materials, and large sums of cash. The stash house had contained a total of 141 grams of cocaine along with 11 grams of fentanyl. Law enforcement was able to apprehend Yansilis Grullon with no incident or struggle.

Grullon was later charged with multiple counts of possession of drugs as well as firearms along with unlawful distribution and manufacturing  of illegal substances within 300 yards of a school.

This particular instance of illegal drug related activity in the state is one of many. 

Law enforcement and public officials have been working harder than ever to combat the uptick in illegal drugs and substances in the streets of Massachusetts and all over the country.