Takeoff’s Death ¨A Celebration of Life¨

Amina Barry, Writer

Takeoff, who you might know as one of the Migos members, was fatally shot at the age of 28 during a shooting in Houston on November 1, 2022. Law enforcement and several eyewitnesses stated,“The fatal accident went down shortly after 2:30 am…that’s when cops got the call for a man shot at a bowling alley called 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston” (TMZ). He was pronounced dead at the scene; no arrests have been made in connection of his death, Houston police are still looking for leads and are asking for the community to step up. 

A few hours after the news of his death went public, TMZ, CNN, GQ, People, Rolling Stone, and more erupted with headlines and details of Takeoff’s death. Celebrities such as SZA, Future, Chole Bailey, Teyana Taylor, Yung Miami, Keke Palmer, and more sent out heartfelt messages to their social media accounts to mourn the death of Takeoff. A heartbroken celeb, Jake Paul sent a very meaningful message to his Twitter in which he stated “put down guns and pick up some boxing gloves to settle your differences”. 

Takeoff’s funeral service was held at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, November 11, 2022. A number of fans, celebrities, and family members came to say their goodbyes and pay their respects to the fallen Migos member. It was called “A Celebration of Life” to honor his legacy and impact that he has left behind at such a young age. While it was open to the public, no cameras or news media were allowed inside. Early reports indicated that the 21,000-seat arena was at capacity. Drake and Takeoff’s fellow bandmates, Quavo & Offset made deep and heartbreaking eulogies in honor of their late friend/nephew. Musical performances by Chole Bailey, Justin Bieber, Yolanda Adams, and Bryon Cage were included in the service as a celebration of life. During the ceremony, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens awarded Takeoff’s family with the Phoenix Award, which is the city’s highest honor. Lastly, mourners were asked to donate to the Rocket Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing gun violence.  

In addition to Quavo’s eulogy, he posted a statement to his Instagram on Saturday morning to commemorate his nephew. To summarize, he stated how he remembered their childhood together and they grew up to be so close. Quavo recalled Takeoff’s sense of humor and his quiet but powerful demeanor. He also talked about how Takeoff inspired Quavo to start rapping and credited his nephew for making the rap group. Then ended the statement with, “Whatever we have to do God to be at that place of paradise send us the tools now cuz we wanna be with Take. Love you nephew!” (quavohuncho Instagram). 


Gone to soon, 

R.I.P Takeoff 💔