Winthrop´s Annual Holiday Tree Lighting

Winthrop´s Annual Holiday Tree Lighting

Annabella Giardino, Writer

The weather has finally started to get colder and stores are already stalking up on Christmas decor. Even though we haven’t gotten past Thanksgiving, Christmas activities have already been put in place. Decorations have started to be hung and people are eager to get back into the Christmas spirit. Here, in Winthrop, the 31st Annual Holiday Lighting is back in action. After a couple of years of it being canceled it finally made a comeback. 

Winthrop has always held the annual tree lighting in the center of town. I have heard that people have been worried about where they will be hosting it this year, because of the newly built French Square. No need to worry because it is still being held in the same place. 

I was able to hear from two freshmen, Nicole Pinheiro and Adrianna Baez about past experiences at the tree lighting.

Interview with Nicole Pinheiro-

Annabelle Giardino: ¨What was it like when you attended the Holiday Lighting?¨

NP: ¨When I went it was very fun and a traditional thing to go to. You would see everyone from school and it was a very fun place to be. ¨

AG: ¨What kind of activities did they have?¨

NP: ¨There was pictures with Santa, hot cocoa, cookie decorating, pictures with people dressed in a holiday animal costume, people dancing and singing on stage, we could ride ponies.¨

AG: ¨What should someone expect who has never gone?¨

NP: ¨For someone who hasn’t gone they should expect to see a lot of people they know…and I don’t know cause it’s very different now so I don’t know if they have these activities anymore. ¨

Interview with Adrianna Baez-

Annabelle Giardino: ¨Have you gone to the tree lighting before?¨

AB: ¨Yes. I went a lot when I was younger. It felt very happy, everyone that was there was filled with joy.

AG: ¨What activities were there?¨

AB: ¨There was always singing and characters walking around, it was super fun and I always remember taking pictures with them. There was hot chocolate and it was the best part of going.¨

AG: ¨Do you know what to expect for this year?¨

AB: ¨I honestly have no idea how it will be this year but I hope it is just as amazing as the previous years.¨

2017 Winthrop Holiday Tree Lighting

The Tree lighting has always been a very enjoyable experience. People always look forward to going. The town would always provide many fun activities and treats. Although, nobody really knows what to expect for this year. What I know for sure is that there will be live performances, Christmas-oriented characters, photos with Santa, and family activities. After missing two years of the celebration it is bound to have some changes added to it, but I’m sure it will still be a lot of fun. So, on the 25th, don´t forget to stop by the Annual Holiday Lighting at French Square from 4 pm-6 pm.