Current State of the Girls and Boys Ice Hockey Season.


Joseph Disney, Author

As of the 2022-2023 season, the girls and boys team are both doing extremely well with a boys record of 13-2-1 and a girls record of 13-0. Too get more insight of the two seasons I asked three people on both teams two questions. For the boys team I interviewed Nicky Romano, Michael Donahue, and Glen Calla.


Joe Disney: What position do you play?

NR: I play left wing.

MD: I play goalie and I’ve been playing goalie since I was 7.

GC: Left wing and sometimes center.


Joe Disney: What are your current thoughts about the season?

NR: My thoughts of the season are good [,] move the puck very well, and were second place in our division. 

MD: I think our season is going very good and I think we are meeting most of the goals we had before the season.

GC: I think that the season is going great. The whole team is working together well and I think we have the skill and the determination to bring home both the NEC and the state title.


For the girls team I interviewed Mia Currier, Amelia Spencer, and Tegan Pereira

Joe Disney: What position do you play?

MC: Defense

AS: I play defense

TP: Defense


Joe Disney: What are your current thoughts about the season?

MC: This season has been going great everyone has been working super hard and we are a super tight group on and off the ice, everyone has been putting their absolute best effort this season and I see us going all the way in the play offs. 

AS: I think this season is going extremely well. I believe we are capable of going all the way to the garden and hopefully we will be the D1 champs for girls hockey. I strongly believe that the team holds so much skill and we are capable of going really far during the state tournament! As of now we are undefeated and hope to stay that way.

TP: So far its awesome! Aside from being a group of great players we have such a strong team bond, which I think is a huge part of our success.


So far all six people I interviewed seems to think that their season is going well and have a good insight. Good luck to both teams on the rest of their season, and bring home the NEC title!