Boys Basketball Makes Playoffs After Tumultuous Season

Joseph Disney, Author

The 2023 boys basketball season has had its up and downs with a current win-loss of 8-13 as of 3/1/23. Despite this the season has had a good start to the playoffs. On February 2nd, Winthrop played Mahar Regional and won 68-59. I interviewed two players of the team to get better insight of the current season, Jeremy Matias “Jay” and Vasili Tsiotos.


Both players are excited for the next playoff game, after Mahar Regional, but agree it will be a tough game. Joe Disney: “How do you feel about the next play off game?”, Vasili Tsiotos: “It’s gonna be a tough game, we are playing the number 1 team on the road but if we play good we can surprise a lot of people”. I personally agree with Vasili on his take on the game. The team despite its ups and downs, were able to play Mahar Regional and won.

Alex Correa

I asked the same question to Jeremy Matias. JD: “How do you feel about the next play off game?”, Jeremy Matias “I feel good about the next playoff game, we are playing the #1 team of our division but I feel like we are ready for them and for whatever they have to bring us, I’ve personally been working my whole life for this moment and I know I won’t fail anyone or myself, I’m going to go out there and give it my all”. Jeremy, like Vasili, agrees it will be a tough game but believes it is winnable and that they are ready.


I asked both players their opinion on what the team needs to work on before the next game. JD: What things do you think the team needs to work on?, VT: “We have to have more energy, work together, and start hitting more shots”.

Alex Correa

I asked Jeremy the same question. JD: What things do you think the team needs to work on?, JM: “The main thing we need to work on as a team is staying together no matter what and communicating, when we get together we play really good, we bring out the intensity and other teams are scared to play us when we do turn on that energy, so the main things we need to work in is commutation and staying together”. Both players agree that when the team works together more and is more coordinated, the team as a whole gets better.


Overall it will be a tough playoffs for the basketball team but a winnable one. Both players agree that it will be tough but are optimistic for the next games. Good luck to the Boys Basketball team in the playoffs!