What Is The Best Studying Method?


Joseph Disney, Author

Many people find many different studying methods best. Some people like to use flashcards and websites like Quizlet. Some people like to use games and repetition to study. I decided to dig deeper to figure out what is truly the best studying method.


I decided to ask some people what they personally believe is the best way to study.


For students, I decided to ask Hacen Bourkiche, Andrew Stangle, Avery Shea, Steven Calla, and Annie Buchman on their opinions. Steven, Avery, and Annie all recommend looking over notes and looking over class papers. Hacen recommends Quizlet and Andrew recommend paper flashcards, but they both recommend flashcards. Both groups are pretty split between either “Looking over the notes” or “Using flashcards”. Too get a little more insight I decided to ask the participants why they chose their answer.


First, I asked the three participants who all chose looking over notes or classwork. JD: Why did you choose your choice? SC: You can skim through all topics even if its a recent topic or if it was covered earlier so you can get lots of information. Basically, Steven believes that looking over notes is the best method because it allows him to look at information from a long time ago and recently. JD: Why did you choose your choice? A. Shea: It feels better for me and it feels like a through way to study. Avery just finds it more helpful overall to look over notes. JD: Why did you choose your choice? AB: If you look over [the] notes, you will have better memorization. Basically Annie, believes that going over notes and work helps better with memorization than other methods.


Next, I asked the two participants who suggested flashcards in some form. Andrew recommended paper flashcards and Hacen recommended using Quizlet. JD: Why did you choose your choice? A. Stangle: You study them in small groups, making it easier to chunk out and remember, and having them written down on paper makes it way easier to remember. Basically, Andrews strategy is too study flashcards in small categories to make it easier to memorize while also writing them to help his memory. JD: Why did you choose your choice? HB: It’s a lot faster than making virtual flash cards and you can quiz yourself. It’s an added bonus that the UI is very sleek and user friendly. Basically, Hacen finds Quizlet the most useful because it can create flashcards fast and can quiz you.


Out of all five participants I agree with Andrew the most. I also find it very useful to make paper flashcards.


I personally think that the best way to study is by using games. I find that I learn very fast if I enjoy studying, so finding games that also teach the subject help me a lot. I think we have came to the conclusion that their is no “best” way to study though, because their are so many different methods that work for people. Do what feels best to you!