Burnout of A Flame


Nadia Aldweib

A flame burns hot and can run itself ragged if not careful. At a certain point there will come a time when the flame should be unburdened from its burning. Too much burning will wear down a flame and leave it fighting to continue onward in its path. 

The inner workings of human beings are much more similar to a candle and burning flame than one would think. Some might find this to be a stretch, however, a simplified explanation of the concept does go a long way. Flames and people correlate in ways that are maybe not as noticeable at first glance and thought. 

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Overworking and over exerting one’s self tends to speed up the burning of a candle until there is little left to burn and work with. Once that happens it is as though everything freezes in a moment in time. The candle will burn no more and left behind in its place will be feelings of emptiness and exhaustion.

Oftentimes a flame dying out is a direct result of an individual putting too much on themselves without allowing for much time for proper rest and recuperation. Increase in stress in a person’s life, whether that be at home, in the workplace, or at school is a major contributor to burnout in people.

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The constant overload of tasks needed to be completed within a given day can become overwhelming and overpowering for a person to deal with. Everything will build up and loom over a person. There is so much to be done yet there is no desire or motivation to begin. The smallest of tasks begin to feel as though you are climbing up a mountain with no gear to cling on to. In a sea of tasks an individual is left stranded with nothing but shere willpower to get through the continuous waves of assignments to complete and duties to fulfill.

In the midst of everything feelings of exhaustion and frustration creep up on a person. The constant exertion and activity of a person can come to wear them down bit by bit until there is the smallest of shreds of motivation and energy remaining in them. The knowledge of there being so many things to do in their lives will frustrate a person as it is near impossible to begin even the simplest of things. 

It is crucial that people are allowing themselves to rest and find time for themselves. In order to be able to function and keep up with life’s many demands a person needs energy and motivation which are extremely hard to come by during a burnout.  

Be sure to pay close attention and don’t let your flame dwindle and burn until it is no longer.   

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