Viking Times Tasters, Installation 8: Every Chicken Dish Over The Years


Zoe Long, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Sadly, I am leaving high school. And even sadder, Christian and I will never go out to eat again under the pretense that we will have to judge our food and our service. One specific thing can be observed throughout all of our published and unpublished Viking Times Tasters: I love chicken fingers. Being a particularly picky eater, they are definitely a safety food for me. However, due to the fact that Christian and I were constantly too scared to completely share our truths while reviewing these restaurants (we are not certified restaurant critics yet), it can’t be observed to the naked eye which chicken fingers I liked the best. Therefore, in honor of my graduation and the passing down of The Viking Times Taster tradition to a younger member of the Newspaper Club, I am going to rank all of the chicken fingers, or chicken adjacent meals I have had throughout this series. 

  • Coming in first place is… La Siesta! Although they are primarily a Mexican food restaurant, they nail this dish. I have always enjoyed their chicken fingers. They’re very crispy and well-seasoned. 10/10, would definitely eat again. 
  • I placed Vuolos in second place. The dish I got from them was chicken parmesan, and the chicken was definitely the best part of the dish. It was breaded very well and the meat was incredibly tender. We sampled this restaurant during their soft opening, but they seemed to already have mastered making chicken!
  • Hong Kong Dragon is my third place choice. Chinese food has always been my favorite and chinese chicken fingers have always been one of my favorite dishes. The chicken is always cooked perfectly and the coating is so unique. Obviously, they’re not like typical American style chicken fingers, but either way I would rather eat these most of the time. 
  • In fourth place is The Winthrop Arms. Truly this is so low because I cannot recall this dish, and that says enough about it to me. These chicken fingers were not memorable, but I definitely don’t remember them being bad!
  • Lastly, I put Thai Taki. This was another restaurant that we sampled during the soft opening and therefore we were incredibly kind with their review. There were definitely still working out some kinds, which is understandable, but this chicken left much to be desired. I had a slightly odd texture, however it was seasoned pretty well. 

At the end of the day, I loved the opportunity to sample different restaurants around Winthrop with friends and family for this series, whether or not the chicken was up to my uncertified and very subjective standards. Thank you for reading all of our restaurant reviews over the last two years! It has been an honor sharing meals with you. Let us continue to hope that no restaurant owners ever see these articles!