Real Life Dune? The After Effects Of Canada’s Wildfires

June 9, 2023


It was her usual Tuesday morning; she was getting ready for her class, packing items that she used everyday. But this time, she packed a mask. It wasn’t because of an airborne virus that threatened the population. This time, a fog-like haze spread through the streets, contaminating the lungs of everyone who walked through it. 

You may have noticed these past few days an alert regarding the air quality, or perhaps those daunting images capturing New York’s “Dune-like” landscape. 

In fact, conditions have been so bad that New York’s State Acting Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald urged New Yorkers to revert back to wearing N95’s when they step outside. 

Well, there’s an explanation for all of it: 

Recent satellite imaging appears to show wildfires that have engulfed Canada, their severity affecting “12x” the average amount of acres. According to CBS News, as a result that smoke was “swept up by a swirling system” and brought over here. 

For states southward, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts this turmoil will not improve much; as for states farther west, the air quality should improve. 

Another state alongside New York who’ve experienced the worst of it includes Philadelphia. While an air quality index of 67 is considered to be moderate, those in Philadelphia experienced one of 447, marking the air to be “hazardous.” 

The National Weather System put out advisories that caution people to look at the local air quality. “Make sure you aren’t doing yourself any more harm than good,” they tweeted. 

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