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Tupac’s Murderer Arrested Almost 3 Decades Later

Courtesy of: 6ABC
“American rapper Tupac Shakur at the premiere of “I Like It Like That” to benefit women in need, 13th November 1994.”

Duane Davis (Keefe D) was arrested on September 29th for the murder of rap legend Tupac Shakur. It’s been 27 years since it happened, on September 7th, 1996, Tupac was shot 4 times in a drive-by in Las Vegas. He died in the hospital six days later at 25 years old.

He was shot on the way home from Mike Tyson’s boxing match at the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip. Driving the car was Suge Knight, who has told CNN he’s not going to testify against Davis because, “I wouldn’t wish someone going to prison on my worst enemy.” He is currently in prison serving a 28-year prison sentence for a hit and run that happened in 2015. Knight is the last living witness of the drive-by, another was Yafeu Fula, better known as the rapper Yaki Kadafi, was shot and killed on November 10th, 1996, in New Jersey. He was sitting behind Tupac during the shooting.

Though Davis had been arrested on September 29th, his involvement has been widely known for a while now. He had been a suspect since the beginning, but was never charged with anything. Davis admitted in multiple interviews, and in his book, Compton Street Legends, that he was in the car that was involved with the shooting. He never claimed to be the shooter though, it’s suspected it was his nephew, Orlando Anderson, who was killed in another gang-related incident. Others in the car included Terrance Brown and Deandre Smith. Davis was suspected to be the orchestrator of the plan, and the driver of the car on that day.

Davis’s first confession to his involvement was after being arrested for a PCP ring case in 2008. He confessed in exchange for immunity, which was why he wasn’t originally arrested until now. In a later interview he told reporters that Sean Combs, aka Diddy, was the one who created the plan for the murder in the first place. Originally, Knight was the one being targeted, but Tupac was later added after his well known song “Hit ’em UP” was released, which dissed the Notorious B.I.G. and Bad Boy Records. Bad Boy records was where Combs was recording and took offense. Davis agreed to kill both Knight and Tupac for $1 million, but never got his payment.

While planning Tupac’s murder, he rose to the top and became a leader of the South Side Compton Crips gang. In his book, he revealed that he was running a multi-millionaire drug empire that spread through the nation. He witnessed his nephew, Anderson, be beat up through hotel surveillance footage, which is another theory as to why he planned Tupac’s murder.

On July 17th, Davis’s home was searched by Las Vegas police in Henderson, Nevada. They confiscated a copy of Compton Street Legends, multiple computers, his phone, 40-caliber bullets, photos, and a magazine featuring Tupac. Wednesday, September 4, Davis appeared in court, but the judge granted him a two week delay, so his new lawyer, Edi Faal, could arrive from California to Las Vegas. He is a top rated attorney in Los Angeles, California.

Do you think Duane Davis will be convicted of the legendary rapper’s murder?

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  • C

    Chris Summa c/o Winthrop High SchoolOct 11, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    I never followed the shooting of Tupac Shakur but I do remember when it first happened. It’s so sad that a talented guy like Tupac had to die under those circumstances especially at 25 years old. No one deserves to die at 25 or at any age under those conditions!
    I hope that justice is served to those who participated and to the person who pulled the trigger. It’s too bad that both sides couldn’t get together and work things out…it’s a matter of using your brain and thinking things through before acting out. No one ever comes out a winner by using violence.
    Nice job with your article, Lily. Sad but I did enjoy the read.