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The Train of Opulence

Take a Look Into This Brand New State Of The Art Luxury Train Car…
Photo in Courtesy of Medium

Imagine sipping on hot tea and a pastry, staring at the blue skies with your mind and heart racing, thinking about not only the gorgeous country of Italy, but the journey ahead. Your eyes search all over the room, you see elegant furniture, architecture and so much more. The train will soar through various areas of France and soon, will be chugging into Italy.

The luxury train ride from Paris to Italy that will cost $8,500 for a  one-way ticket | CNN
Photo Courtesy of CNN.

What does this route have to offer? Well, let’s get the foundation noted; the train will begin in Paris, France and work it’s way down toward the coast, then the vehicle will continue moving on into Santa Margherita, Italy leading to the land of Portofino.

I’m sure everyone knows what and where Paris is, but for those who don’t, or do, I will give an in depth idea of the location, make sure to acknowledge or check these out before you leave for the excursion ahead. Paris is famous for their art and architecture,  like “The Eiffel Tower”, their food, like croissaints, and being “The City of Romance” or “Lights”; all these factors contribute to why this location is on everyones bucket list. Some important things to consider in Paris is that it is rich in so many different areas. 11 miles from Paris is the “Palace of Versailles” where you can discover its lush rooms, as well as its large, stunning gardens, and diversity of divine artwork. Check out small restaurants, famous landmarks, and all sorts of museums — Phew! There is so much more to Paris, but we have a train to catch, so keep an eye on the clock.

Sadly, there are no layover type activities on the train, so you cannot stop and check out these next few places I’m going to share, but memories last a lifetime, so take a picture in your brain and enjoy the moment. The tracks will be winding all over France so before we reach the ocean line, sink in the landscapes on display… This part of eastern France, Dijon, is known for their valleys, mountains, cute little streams, and unique structures. Next up is Lyon and Avignon where you can see the lit up city and its abundance in both nature and distinctive construction. Lastly in France is The French Riviera or Côte d’Azur which has breathtaking views, as it is on the ocean, the water is a deep clear blue, stoned beaches lined up to the shore, and vibrant florals.

As we enter Italy, the first city of two is Margherita Ligure which is extremely close to the final destination but, let’s still take a second to appreciate the area, which words cannot even describe it’s beauty. The homes and buildings are colorful, the roads are stone, the palm-like trees are reaching for the sky, the ocean is simply perfection, and you can see boats lined up at the shore, ready to set sail or are arriving.

Santa Margherita, Portofino & San Fruttuoso Walking Tour
Photo Courtesy of Selected Tours Italy.

Drumroll please! This is exactly what we have been waiting for, the final spot; the travel day is over! You have arrived in Portofino, which is essentially Margherita Ligure as they are super close to each other and Margherita Ligure is considered a “Gateway town” to Portofino. Since this is where you will be staying for a while (now is the best time to break it to you–this 8500+ ticket is only one way) here are some ideas for activities to do while you are here! Of course, make sure to be safe by using a map and constantly being aware of surroundings but don’t be afraid to climb out of your shell, venture out into the town most tourists don’t go, because after all, those are where the best hidden gems are. You should make sure to visit the central square as there are cafes, stores, and much more to see. Also, check out some of the hiking spots that they offer–there are lots of              great options.

Back to the actual train, here are some of the accommodations that come with your pricey ticket! You will be spending three nights on this extravagant express, with three compartments to choose from. You can choose The Historic Twin, Suite or Grand Suite — the entire train is air-conditioned or heated as it runs from March to November, with high-speed WiFi. What is interesting about these compartments is that they transition from the day and night; in the day it is like a lounge room, and at night it shifts into a bedroom.

The train journey will feature fine dining from a Michelin-starred chef.
Photo Courtesy of CNN.

In the Historical Twin, during the daytime, it has a medium sized elegant sofa, a footstool, and a small table. At night, there is a corner of the room with all essentials to do a quick nighttime routine like a sink complemented with hot and cold water, a large mirror, storage, towels, and soap. All compartments come with a bell so someone can come assist your needs. There is also a radiator where you can control the heating; some compartments come with a safe and all compartments come with, of course, storage.

The Double Twin Suite has furniture that was designed by famous art deco designers, it comes with a double bed or two twin beds, private marble bathrooms, and complimentary amenities like slippers and a robe. All other accommodations are same as Historical Twin.

Lastly, the gorgeous Grand Suites they have to offer. Each suite features a double or twin bedroom together, a living area, a private dining space, chic marble bathrooms, free-flowing drinks, exclusive car or boat transfers between station and city centre accommodation at the beginning and end, and so much more.

Now you have all the details, on this brand new, opulent train!

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    Mark W DixonDec 22, 2023 at 9:37 pm

    This train sounds like the sequel to an Agatha Christie piece, but the concept is intriguing: both the journey and the destination would both be memorable, in the best way. Fascinating.