Overlooked WHS clubs enhance student life


Courtesy of WHS MUN Instagram

Last year’s MUN team at a conference in Washington D.C.

Emma Davis Foley, Reporter

It is no secret that there are many clubs at Winthrop High School. However, some get more spotlight time than others. Because of the unique qualities in each club, it is easy to overlook them all.  

Model United Nations, STEM Club, and Art Club are greatly set apart from one another, in terms of intensity and dedication. However, they all provide an enjoyable and fun space for students to spend time after school.

The Model UN has students role playing as countries in a United Nations committee. In the club, students prepare to travel to conferences and debate real life topics with delegates from other schools.

 “Model UN is a time to learn about things that you don’t get to learn about in school,”said Olivia Festa, the President of Model UN at WHS.  “We talk a little bit about politics which gets interesting, and it’s really fun talking about world issues”  

The students prepare, and get ready for conferences long before they happen, so they are ready to tackle and conquer world issues being faced today.

 “Conferences are based on solving global problems,” said Mr. Leonardo, MUN head teacher. “You each get individual topics [such as] women’s rights, humanitarian issues, poverty, and you work to find solutions to those problems.” 

If a student decides to go to a conference, they have to put in the dedication in and out of the club to prepare. Model UN meets every Wednesday, and shortly on Fridays, to discuss topics and plan for conferences. These conferences are a great way to meet new people, practice political presentations, and is a fantastic resume builder. 

Another club at WHS is STEM Club, which is less formal than Model UN, but is still a great way to get competitive. 

“In STEM club, lots of fun and interesting experiments and projects are done, like volcanos and elephant toothpaste,” said three year member, Natalia Kirilova. “We are going to the Science Olympiad soon, which should be really exciting.”

According to Mr. Tarantino, STEM Club Advisor, Science Olympiad is“a competition among high schools in Massachusetts where there is going to be a variety of events in many different scientific disciplines.” 

“As a club, what we’re going to do is we’re going to study each event, look at the prep materials, and try to come up with a plan to succeed,” Tarantino said.  In this club students will experiment and test hypotheses, for each unique event. 

Mr. Tarantino encourages people to join, “even if [they] are not necessarily a science person.” “I guarantee it’ll be some of the most fun you will ever have,” he said. STEM Club meets every Thursday after school.

If you are looking fort, a very bright and relaxed environment for students to go and participate in fun, creative projects, look no further than Art Club. 

“Art Club is for students who are interested in art and want to be around students who feels the same way,” said Ms. Kerney, head teacher of Art Club adviser. “I organize projects that are with materials I don’t have enough for a regular class. So I will do it with a small group after school. Sometimes it’s holiday themed, because I don’t usually do holiday themed things in my daily classes.” 

Art club hosts projects unique for the club every Monday, that will not be found in an art class.

“Art club is full of the most welcoming people in the world. While jamming out to music, and having fun,” Art Club President Sara Fucillo said., “Art club breaks the barrier between upperclassmen and underclassmen, bringing us together to spread our passion for creativity and ambition.” This club appears to be the perfect club to spend time in a stress free environment, and connect in the company of students with a similar creative interest. 

Model UN, Stem Club, and Art Club all hold something for every student to enjoy. Along with the many other clubs at WHS, any student could find an after school activity to participate in and be around people of equivalent interests.