Rice Passions in Revere cooks up traditional Thai cuisine with a new twist (Courtesy of Trip Advisor)
Rice Passions in Revere cooks up traditional Thai cuisine with a new twist

Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Rice Passions food review–best Thai food in Mass.?

November 21, 2019

Sitting on the side of a busy roadway, a small overlooked Thai restaurant rests between a rundown vape shop and a little Pakistani kebab place, hiding its pleasant interior and delicious tastes from outsiders. Rice Passions offers a foodie undeniably delicious choices, including crab rangoons, basil fried rice, and green tea fried ice cream.

Upon entering the warm, welcoming interior, the openness of the restaurant allows one to see the entire atmosphere at a glance. In the late afternoon and evening, slightly dimmed lights gives an intimate feeling, and the soft reflection of the candles further encapsulates the special ambience. But at noon the familial restaurant is bright and vibrant, and the colorful foods highlight this.

The owners from Thailand once had a street food stand in Bangkok. Once the restaurant closed for the day, the family would gather for dinner and share of their days. This was the basis on which Rice Passions was formed upon: the ideas of happiness when eating together. This passion that the owners brought to the U.S., along with standard component of any Thai dish, rice, gave way to the restaurant name.

The menu offers a variety of options, ranging from small, common appetizers to spicy, unique Thai dishes. The crab rangoons are the perfect amount of crunchiness and flavor, while the basil fried rice provides a flavorful meal along with the classic spice component that many Thai foods seem to possess. Whether ordering the fresh spring rolls or the Pla Rad Prik, Rice Passions will deliver satisfaction.

“The duck is delicious,” said Winthrop High School student, Emma Foley. “The outside [of the restaurant] is deceiving but the inside is very beautiful and has an intimate environment.” 

The location seems to conceal the tastiness offered at Rice Passions. While a rather unconventional site, the restaurant seems to transport the eater to Thailand, with a single bite of food. Having a local restaurant such as Rice Passions allows for a taste of Thai culture, so close to home. Only about a fifteen minute drive from Winthrop, the restaurant gives an insightful feel of travel, and the sense of a new location, without leaving the comforting walls of the little restaurant in Revere.

Visiting this restaurant mimics traveling to Southeast Asia, at least in terms of the food. The tastes are so similar to authentic Thai food, and gives the customer an escape from Revere, Massachusetts. The flavors are a powerful explosion, especially the tastiness of the green tea fried ice cream. Not only the flavors and tastes, but also the crispiness and crunchiness and overall textures of the foods excel in their overall rating.

 A bite of pepper beef immerses one into a taste of Thai culture, tingling taste buds with the classic Thai addition of spiciness. Their motto, “True passion brings amazing tastes,” encompasses the greatness of the food, and the legitimate passion the owners have of giving ordinary people an insight to Thai taste. 

Find Rice Passions on 163 Squire Road, Revere Massachusetts, and follow them on instagram @ricepassions.

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