Girls Basketball prepares for upcoming season


Olexis Tallent

WHS Girls Basketball team at a team building bowling night. The team has been preparing for the season with various bonding activities, according to head coach Joe Lowe.

Olexis Tallent, Reporter, Social Media Coordinator

The Winthrop High School girls basketball team has been gearing up for the upcoming 2019-2020 season with new head Coach Joe Lowe at the helm. With an entirely new coaching staff, the girls are more prepared than ever, as each coach brings their personal experiences and background to the court. 

“I’m excited to see what the girls have to offer and we will be at each game with the mindset to win,” said Lowe.

Not only have the coaches been preparing for what is to come in the next season, but many of the players gathered together in preparation as well. 

“For us to be able to know how we play on the court, we have to know each other off the court,” explained varsity point guard, Carolyn Kinsella. Even before the season had started, each and everyone one of the players had grown closer as a team.

The young group of athletes are preparing to have their first team dinner and had gone on a trip to the bowling alley right before tryouts. This group of girls seem to stick beside each other on and off the court.

This year, each of the girls worked extremely hard, so that it would pay off in the season. The team had thought through who would lead the team as captains. This year, Juniors Maura Dorr, Grace Galuris, and Caroline Earl will be leading the Basketball girls to a successful season, enabling them to make the playoffs, according to Lowe.

Dorr stated her excitement to, “lead not only my team, but my friends this season.”

Dorr, along with the other captains are examples to all the players and are preparing for what is to come this season. 

With practices in full swing, the team has received their jerseys and travel gear readying themselves for the upcoming games. This season the Winthrop Varsity girls will take on a total of 22 rivals, but many players have expressed that they are confident in what they will be able to achieve together. For the first game of the year, Winthrop will have a home court advantage over Charlestown on December 12.