Dinner Theater Presents: The Grammys

Colleen Whittaker, Reporter

Once again, the drama club at Winthrop High School is preparing to perform at Prince Pizza on Route One for their annual Dinner Theater production. This interactive performance engages people of all ages, drawing in families and faculty in Winthrop.

“Who doesn’t want to eat and watch a show at the same time,” junior and drama club member Molly Girard said. “It’s just fantastic!”

This year’s theme is The Grammys, which showcases songs that have won awards throughout the years. Songs go back to the 80s and progress forward from there.

Along with singing, dinner theater performers dance and even designate a song for the audience, where family and friends can get up and dance with all of the performers.

“This year is a lot of fun and is different from any other show. These are all songs people know and there is an audience dance number where viewers can get involved,” Girard said. “It’s really good for all ages too.[It’s a] very interactive experience.”

The show will take place from January 27 to the 30 at Prince Pizza on Route One. It is sold out Monday and Thursday so if you are still looking to get tickets, do it sooner rather than later. Dinner Theater is a big hit with teachers, parents, and faculty every year.

The Drama Club has been rehearsing for dinner theater for months now, working long hours after school and on the weekends to make sure their performance will be spectacular.

When asked about how much they have been working on the production, Girard also said, “We have been practicing since December, Monday through Thursday and sometimes on the weekends. We have put a lot of work into it and are excited to perform!”

Even on holidays, such as Martin Luther King Day, the drama club was working hard to perfect their performance.

Songs included in the program are: Toxic by Britney Spears, Bust a Move by Young MC (which is the audience dance song), and Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Find out the rest of the songs by seeing for yourself the night of one of the performances!