Chamber of Commerce Recognizes WHS Students for Academic Achievement

Olexis Tallent

On Saturday January 25, the Chamber of Commerce held their 29th annual awards ceremony in which they presented a total of twelve awards, two of which were awarded to Winthrop High School students, Jenna Dorr and Bobby Hubert. The awards were given to men and women who served diligently, as they had portrayed leadership qualities throughout the community. 

Each year the chamber recognizes two students from Winthrop High School to be awarded each year for the “Youth Leadership award.”  These students are selected based upon their leadership and commitment in and outside of the school building. This year Principal Matt Crombie had the ability to present Dorr and Hubert with the awards. 

Both Dorr and Hubert opened their speeches by thanking everyone who has helped them along their life journey. When Dorr presented her speech she had first given thanks to the Chamber, her family, friends, and many more. She had ended her speech with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt which states, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 

Some awards focused on specific people such as the ‘Coach of the Year Award’ while others were given to groups such as the ‘Business of the Year Award.’ The ceremony took place at the Cottage Park Yacht Club in Winthrop, Massachusetts where more than 100 attendees who were served a three course meal.


Congratulations Jenna and Bobby on your academic achievements and leadership throughout the Winthrop community.