Winthrop Girls run into NEC

Olexis Tallent

The Winthrop High School girls track team claimed the NEC title which has not been claimed by Winthrop since 1988, making this the first in thirty three years. Not only did they win the NEC title but had also gained the highest team record since 2012. 

To receive the 2020 NEC title, Winthrop High School girls had received a win over Salem in a quad meet at Gloucester. The Winthrop girls had kept up a winning streak prior to gaining the title, beating Saugus (68-18) and Lynn Classical (49-37).

One member of the track team, Skyla Zappulla, found a new passion in throwing shot put for the team, previously running the year before. Zappulla stated, “I think we’ve had a good shot since the beginning.” She has thrown in each and every meet, sharing her experiences that, “shot is really fun, and the other girls on the team just make it better.” 

During this season, many members had broken personal records, making their team stronger before each meet. Due to their victories over a handful of Northeastern conference division schools, some track members now have a chance to compete in states against many schools which are not in their division.

The team had progressed all season and Zappulla later calls the team “family.” At the meet against Salem, Coach D’Amico and his team had a perfect 4-0 record against the southern division. “Our team came through with some great performances to win the title,” along with saying that he “could not be more proud.” D’Amico said, quoted from The Winthrop Transcript.