Course Selection Advice


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With the third quarter kicking up, course selections are worrying students with what classes they want to take next year. For freshman going into the sophomore year, I recommend taking an AP if you are looking for an extra challenge or trying to boost your GPA.

I interviewed students and faculty around the school to see what their recommendations for their younger peers were.

“For sophomores that are really enjoying math, taking AP Stats next year is a great idea. I learn so much every day in that class while at the same time it is not super overwhelming accompanied by the rest of my course load.” Said junior at Winthrop High School Natalia Kirilova.

“Don’t take classes that you think are easy, take classes that you think are interesting. It will be more beneficial to you if you do so.” Ms. Irvine said.

“Don’t feel obligated to do something purely based on grades and class rank. Take classes that will make your high school experience enjoyable and make you want to come to school everyday.” junior Karalyn Costigan stated.

“Don’t overwhelm yourself with AP classes. By doing so, you will have little motivation to do your school work. Take at least one easy class so you can have a break throughout the day.” Commented Brookie Costin.

The most important consideration when making class selections for next year is be sure to challenge yourself in areas where you are currently excelling. Don’t become discouraged by upperclassmen who tell you not to take a class because it is challenging. Take what you feel will be a good fit for you and make sure your course load will be fun and engaging!