The Winthrop Cheerleading Inside Scoop!


The WHS Cheer Team

Jillian Buonopane, Writer


The Winthrop High school cheerleading team has come back this season even stronger than ever. Although it feels as if the season has just started, the team has been progressing at an extremely impressive rate. Senior captain Annika Holgerson says “I definitely think as a team we are progressing tremendously. Not only are we hitting skills and making great progress on the mat, but we are forming bonds and connections off the mat as well.” Annika is one of the two captains on the team this year, as well as Juliana Demers. Both captains show their desire and dedication, and are amazing role models for everyone on the team. They are always extremely positive and optimistic, which is an important value you need to have in order to work together on a team. Junior Caitlin Fobert says “The team has been progressing by taking everything one step at a time. We take our stunts, jumps, and tumbling slowly to perfect them just the way we like. Every practice, all of us improve on things and progress our routine as a whole.” Just as she mentions, the team is taking it slow and steady, to ensure we can perfect every skill. Caitlin is another amazing role model to look up to, and is such an uplifting teammate.

As the competition season is approaching, the excitement and nerves start to build up. Although the first competition seems far away, it will creep up on us. As long as we continue to have a positive attitude, we will be facing the right direction. Here is some more from Caitlin, and her thoughts on competitions; “I am feeling very confident about our upcoming competitions. We have extremely talented girls on the cheer team, and I can’t wait to show off the skills! No more masks or COVID restrictions, so these competitions will be the first “real” ones in years!” Woo hoo! Love the enthusiasm. The team cannot wait to see how well we do in competitions. We have been working super hard, and putting in the time and effort necessary. In order to do well and succeed the team needs to work together, be positive, and not let any obstacles get in our way. Sophomore Lylah Cassidy says “We have our first competitions in just a few weeks and it will be super exciting competing with this team and seeing how we do at comp.” We are all extremely excited to see how well we score. As long as we keep up the positive energy, we will be on the road to success!

Safe to say, the team is super pumped to be back on the mat, bonding with one another, and overall growing as a team once again. If there is one thing cheerleading has taught me, it is teamwork. Being on a team requires a group effort, which is the key to success, and the recipe for an awesome season. When one thing doesn’t go as planned, for instance a stunt, everyone collectively needs to put in one hundred percent effort. It isn’t just one person’s fault, it’s the whole group’s fault. Learning how to work alongside one another and grow from each others mistakes is the most important thing you can do.

Being a member of the varsity cheerleading team has already given me so many unforgettable memories, laughs, and bonding time with the team. Although I have been on the team for less than a full season, I am already becoming even closer with my teammates. Now, to hear a little more from Senior Captain Annika Holgerson; “My favorite part about cheer is the bonds we create as a team. Since there is such few girls on a team with such big trust needed, it’s inevitable to become so close with your teammates. With this you create memories that will last a lifetime and this is what I am most grateful for about cheer.” I definitely agree! The unbreakable bonds created, and the laughs we share as a team makes all of the late practices, exhausting conditioning totally worth it.

Come support the Winthrop cheerleaders and the football players this Friday, October 7th. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed the inside scoop!