Was The Superbowl Halftime Show Really That Good?

Rihanna’s return to the big stage

Casey Petersen, Writer

On Sunday February 12, The Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs. But the real star of the show was Rihanna’s comeback performance, shocking the audience in many different ways. For starters, she came out performing, while pregnant! Who knew? Personally, my favorite part of the show was the backup dancers. They created the exciting environment that the Halftime show is all about.

I caught up with some of my fellow classmates to ask them their opinions on the show,

Julia Holmes: ” I liked it because I am a big fan of Rihanna’s music and I liked the outfits that the dancers were wearing. I was not expecting her to be pregnant, so that really caught me by surprise.”

Lily Tallent: ” I thought it was good and I really enjoyed it. I love Rihanna’s songs and I thought the way she put them together was very good. I thought the entrance was riveting and very exciting. I think she lived up to most expectations, but I can say that I was perceived that she would have came out with another guest. ”

Zoe Long: “I loved the mashup of all her songs, both new and old. She’s an incredible performer and her voice was so powerful and clean! I also loved the background dancers and through the choreography and costuming was so interesting to look at!”

Well thank you to everyone who gave their opinions on the show! Personally I believed,  the show was outstanding, I definitely expected a celebrity guest! But I can confidently say it was amazing watching Rihanna preform for the first time in years. I hope next years super bowl has a lot more dancing and maybe even a few guests, but overall I was pleased with her performance.