Elaina Freeman , Writer

The whole school wondered what had actually happened on Saturday.  Everyone was aware that something had happened between Stephanie and Tom but no one really knew what it was.  The story had been retold every four seconds, but with each retelling details had been changed. Every time “the incident” was brought up, the conversation always ended with who people supported.  Stephanie showed up to school on Monday, completely unprepared for the reaction she was met with in that moment.  As she walked down the hallway, she was met with whispers and stares from every student. She tried to walk down the hallway and tune everyone around her out, but their looks were impossible to ignore.  She took her normal course to History, keeping her head down and trying to focus on everything else.  As she headed for her class, she came face to face with the one person she wanted so desperately to avoid, Tom. Their eyes met and there was suddenly a deep rooted silence between them. Talking to Tom had always felt so easy and comfortable. Now she stared at him like he was a total stranger. “Say something, anything” The words in Stephanie’s head echoed like a broken record. 


His dark eyes were glossed over, his brown hair messily sat on his head. His face looked as though he aged 20 years in the mere 48 hours.  The boy in front of her was a ghost of the boy she used to know. 


Their eyes stayed transfixed on each other. Neither of them knew what to say to make it better. 

“How are you doing?”

“Honestly, I’ve been better. “ 

Stephanie laughed and after a moment of silence she responded with “That’s good, I guess.”

” Why would I would say that? Good job Steph!” she thought to herself.

The silence filled the empty hallway. How could something that was once so easy be the hardest thing in the world now? She waited for him to say something, anything. They both looked away, trying to avoid this conversation.  She looked up catching his eyes, which caused him to instantly look away. She so desperately wanted to go back in time. She so desperately wanted to talk to him, so desperately wanted everything to go back to how it once was. However, the damage was already done and there was nothing they could do to fix it. 

“I should probably go.”

 “Me too.”

They both started walking forward, accidentally walking closer to each other.  They parted ways and started to continue going to their classes.  She gave him one last look, desperately trying to tell him everything she couldn’t say with words. 

“Oh and Tommy?”

He turned around staring at her. 

“ For all that it’s worth, I’m really sorry.” 

She tried with her whole heart to not start crying in front of him.  She fought the tears forming in her eyes and refused to let them fall from her face. “Me too, Steph. Me too.

As he walked away, the warning bell sounded and the hallway became filled with life.