Time Management 101


Jillian Buonopane, Writer

Do you ever find yourself flooded with schoolwork? Staying up until 1:00 am to get work done? No free time to do the things you enjoy? Well, no worries! I’ve put together a list of ways to manage your time, while also leaving downtime for yourself to rest, do different hobbies, and hangout with friends.

  1. Prioritize the things you want to get done. Try not to get hung up on the things that aren’t as important. For instance, if you’re debating starting a five page long essay that is due tomorrow, or beating your high score on Fortnite, prioritize getting the project done. Although in this scenario it may have been very clear as to which is more important, these may vary.
  2. Create a “To-Do” list with a list of the things you want to get done. This way, you can track what you have already completed, and you can visualize what is left to be done. I find that I am far more productive, and less stressed when I have a to do list for the week. It’s very useful and helpful, and I highly suggest giving it a try.
  3. Distance yourself from the things that may distract you. For example, oftentimes when I am beginning my homework, or studying for a quiz/test, I place my phone out of my sight so I’m not tempted to check it. This is a tremendous help, and once I complete the work that needs to be done, I then go on my phone, and can relax without feeling stressed.
  4. Find the times that work for you. Personally, I know I am a morning person so sometimes I struggle to complete certain tasks towards the end of the day. However, if you are more a night person, and you operate better later on throughout the day, complete the tasks then. Being aware of when your brain works best is highly important, so you are always giving 100% effort.
  5. Tackle the more difficult assignments first, to get them out of the way. Try not to dwell on the less time-consuming assignments, then complete the others that are left. I find that I am a lot more relieved and less stressed when I get the tough assignments completed first.

If you are struggling to get your homework done efficiently, or in a time crunch, definitely give these tips a try, I guarantee they will work. I find that when I follow this list of tactics, I efficiently get my school work done, I am productive, I supply quality work, and I have free time to spare. Say goodbye to endless nights of homework, and hello to freedom!